Nocturnal baby

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Nocturnal baby

I am in trouble if this little one doesn't have a change in time zones... Currently I get kicked all night, and the little one seems to be sleeping all day. I get the occasional bump during the day, but he or she is rocking and rolling all night!!!

Anyone else have a night owl??


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Mine likes to kick around 11 pm most nights. S/he kicks for a while then stops. Usually LO is active during the day although it seems like when he/she hears my other kids that LO wakes up to join in, almost to say "Hey don't forget me!" Ha ha.

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My l/o is a night owl to, or that is when I am able to feel him the most. Carter my DS1 was put on a circus every night in my belly but came home from the hospital sleeping all night.

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This little bean is a night owl, too. He starts kicking around 8pm and keeps it up until well after 10:30 - 11. I hope that is not an indication of things to come!

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I'm actually worried because mine ISN'T a night owl. Both Lexi and Zayne were up all night kicking but were sleeping through the night by 6 weeks. THIS ONE is an early evening(5-8ish) kicker so I don't know what to expect later on.

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It's pretty typical to have a night owl baby. It's because your movements during the day rock the baby to sleep and then when you get quiet and still at night they wake up. It took us about two weeks to get DD's days and night's straightened out a little. But really, in my experience they don't sleep much at night for at least the first 4 to 6 months, so sleep is an elusive thing when you have a newborn. I remember all the moms on my DD's birth board complaining about lack of sleep for months after those babies were born! The sleep deprivation is not something I'm looking forward to.

To get back on topic, sorta. This baby isn't nearly as active as DD was at this point, but I love to just lay in bed and feel him moving around at night. So far nothing strong enough to feel on the outside though.

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Mines is a night owl as well. My first DS was more active during the day time and seemed to be less active at night when I was resting.

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Mine seems to be after I wake up in the morning, some throughout the day, and up til 10pm. All of the daytime sensation feels like the baby is turning my cervix into a fingernail file. ick!