Now its my turn

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Now its my turn

To get some nasty morning sickness. Ugh.
I think the local OB I saw this week jinxed me too. He kept telling me that it was really unusual to be so sick with the first 2 and feel fine with my 3rd and that it was probably still coming. I kinda laughed because it seemed like a silly concept to start getting morning sickness when moving into the 2nd trimester. So what happens? I start feel extra yucky, boo! Sad Hope this is just a quick bout of it and it goes away in the next week or 2 but I'll be so sad if it lasts all 2nd trimester. With my last 2 the horribleness was finally just getting better at this point. I'm totally blaming that doctor for his power of suggestion :mad:

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Yuck. That dr should have kept his mouth shut!

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Oh yuck!! He really should have kept his mouth shut and just been grateful on your behalf for not feeling so bad this time. I was hoping that we could both avoid being so sick this time. Hopefully its over quickly!

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So sorry Sad I feel your pain.

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Oh no! That really sucks. I hope it passes quickly.

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Yuck! You owe that dr. a good, swift kick in the rear! You're kinda scaring me, though. I am in the same boat....pretty sick with the first 2 and not very bad with the third. UH OH!!! I hope you feel better soon!

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I hope it's over soon!!! :bighug:

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Yuck! I hope it's short-lived, too! Just the idea of being nauseous makes me cringe now.

I've had much different MS myself, this time around. I am hoping it's a sign that hormone levels are more in balance (crossing my fingers for a boy!)

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So sorry, hope you feel better soon. My MS just made a come back today, you're not alone! Wink