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Nursery Checklist

So being a FTM, I have no idea what I really need and what I can live without for baby and her nursery. I started a registry online at Walmart, and they have this HUGE checklist of stuff that I need. Even I know that some of that stuff is ridiculous! So, BTDT moms, and FTM you can chime in too please, let me know what you really use a lot and what, in your opinion, you can live without.


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onesies. burp clothes. blankets.

I wish we would have went with a regular dresser instead of a changing table. Not very functional once they grow out of it.

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Yeah, I definitely already decided that I'm going with a piece of furniture that can be functional later on for baby, rather than paying $80 for a changing table!

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A swing and/or bouncer. DD1 loved the bouncer and DD2 loved the swing.

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"KET_2010" wrote:

A swing and/or bouncer. DD1 loved the bouncer and DD2 loved the swing.

A swing was a must for us, we never used a change table. Loved our bouncer, love our diaper genie (but I am sure there are other pails that let you use regular bags that work well). Love have a rocking chair in the nursery to help calm the baby down in a quiet place.

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Crib, mattress, sheets, baby sacks (the ones that cover little hands with sharp nails you are too scared to cut yet and have elastic on the bottom for easy diaper changing), onesies, pacifier, diapers, wipes, diaper cream, burp cloths (cloth diapers are best), blankets, ear thermometer, bottles/nipples/some starter formula if using (I supplemented), nipple cream, boppy pillow and lots of books/bagazines/movies got me through the first month. Everything else I consider extras. Smile

Everything else you can pickup as you need or learn more about your baby.

For example, the first time around I bought everything. Then I had to store giant contraptions: high chair, swing, bouncer, floor mats, extra clothes, etc. for months and my son ended up hating swings and bouncers. Got it all too early so I couldn't return it (I swear some brands change/discontinue thier patterns mutiple times per year to screw moms). We didn't touch the high chair until he was at least 6 months old. He didnt fit into most of his little clothes (he was born big) or they were for the wrong season due to his growth patterns.

But even this time around I find myself wistfully staring at stuff I know I'll never use because everything is marketed so darn cute or as a must have Biggrin

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Our swing was a lifesaver for us for a while!! I didn't think we'd use a changing table, but I ended up buying one at a garage sale for $10 and we still use it now that she's 13 months old. It's the only place in the house where diaper changes happen.

Necessities for us the first time were:

Glider (rocking chair)
Diaper cream!
Swaddling blanket
Pacifier (I was initially against even using them, but we ended up going to the buy one late one night out of desperation. It was a miracle worker and then she lost interest in it at 6 months)
Burp clothes/Spit up rags!

That was basically it for us. I think the necessities are different for everyone depending on the baby.

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Swaddle blankets are a MUST! And keep them swaddled as much as possible, unless you are trying to keep them awake.

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My essentials were minimal:
Diapers (cloth) & wipes
A few infant gowns
Nursing Pillow
Nursing cover for Out of home nursing

I could have pretty much lived without everything else. If you are having a baby shower then don't buy any clothes until after. You will get soooooo many clothes. Its kinda pointless to register for them too since people will get what they want. Things we had for DS1 that we never used were wipe warmer, changing table, diaper pail, jumper, bottle warmer, travel system stroller, & 1000 too many onesies.

The big luxury item I had with #2 (didn't with #1) was a glider with foot stool. I got my used for pretty cheap and I love love love it! Also this time we got an infant bucket seat that goes up to 30lbs. DS1's only went to 20lbs and he outgrew it by 6 months. DS2 is still in his at nearly 13 months since it is bigger.

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So many things are baby dependent... well... beyond diapers/wipes/etc... I also agree it is best to wait.. once the baby arrives and you get to know what he/she likes then you can make smart purchases. My mum's favourite saying before our 1st was born, was "You only live 15 minutes from stores where you can get anything... only buy things that would be an emergency if you didn't have it in an hour!" So much stuff is marketed to mum's as necessary, but really babies have survived without wipes warmers, etc for eons!!!


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I'd hesitate to say "wait til baby's older" to buy some of the stuff that they won't use for 6 months, because if you put them on your registry, other people will buy them for you! Otherwise, you'll have to buy them yourself! We have a storage unit and just kept the big items that we didn't use til DD was older there. But I was SO glad we didn't have to buy them ourselves cuz that stuff adds up!

As many others have said, so many things end up being dependent on your particular baby. For example, we had a doorway jumper (aka Johnny Jump Up) that was absolutely invaluable to us. We used that thing daily for about 2-3 months and my daughter loooved it. I never even traveled without it! However, I have a friend who's son would scream if she even tried to put him in it. They literally never used it once. So..... it all comes down to your kid! Not terribly helpful when you haven't met them yet though! Wink

Regardless, some of our other must-haves were: diaper changing pad (the kid that folds up and holds diapers and wipes... there were a loooot of nasty bathroom floors i had to change her on in an emergency and I was SO grateful to have that!), backseat mirror so I could see her face while she was rear-facing, floor playmat, travel system, umbrella stroller, bumbo (that's another thing that people either love or hate), swaddle blankets, sleep sacks (it's like a light weight sleeveless sleeping bag. Avoids having to use blankets in the crib and they can't kick it off).
I'm sure there are more, but that's what comes to mind right away. Two things we never used were a wipe warmer or bottle warmer.

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Hadn't thought about the registry... definitely register for some of the bigger items if other people will buy them for you!! Babies don't need much, but the costs still do add up!! We didn't have a registry, so we did all our "big" shopping on craigslist or kijiji type websites. We got some really good deals on there!


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- infant gowns for making night time changes easier
- waterproof pads (like this) for changing time. Saved us a ton on
pee and poop getting on the changing table cover during changes
- diaper gene
- bouncy seat

Everything else was nice, but not as useful as those things (for us)

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manual breast pump, glider(rocker) with ottoman, cloth diapers and all the necessities (cloth wipes, wet bags, washer & dryer available), basic clothes, carseat, stroller, bumbo, nursing pillow, baby carrier (I like a sling for newborns, and a mei tai for older.

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It just goes to show how different parents and different babies require different things. While I wouldn't call a wipes warmer a necessity, my DD would flinch and cry when a cold wipe would touch her bum, even recently (she's 13 months old). I just recently got a wipes warmer and diaper changes are much more pleasant now.

The changing table is still the only place where diaper changes happen in this house and she's nearly outgrown it! I don't know where I'm supposed to change her diapers after she outgrows it completely! I'm not into getting on all fours on the floor to change her diapers.

Go with your personality and how you generally like to do things.

Also, depending on your family and network of friends, you can't necessarily expect to get the stuff you register for. I hope you have a giving set of family and friends, but I didn't get a single thing I registered for. The whole registry was a complete waste of time and we had to buy EVERYTHING ourselves. However, I don't think my situation is the norm.

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These were my must haves with both children.

-Changing table: I have found this VERY useful, but with this new baby I will have had 3 in 4 years Biggrin
-Pacifier: I gave one baby a paci and then didn't give my second a paci and I regretted it for the first six months of his life lol. He was extremely cholic-y and I would have given anything to have him take a paci.
-Boppy pillow for nursing, and you can put a blanket across it and use to prop the baby up
-Swing: And it had to be the big swing b/c the little one didn't get enough motion once he was about 12 lbs.
-CD player with baby classical lullabyes: I used this for the first year with both babies
-Baby soap
-Baby lotion
-Nail file: I didn't use clippers except one time and I cut my daughters finger and I never used them again. A nail file works just fine though.
-Infant tylenol drops
-Mylicon drops AND Gripe Water (it is made with natural ingredients, and can be used for newborns and helps gas/cholic/etc)
-Those water proof pads for diaper changes on the couch, bed, or floor. In the beginning it seems like they pee on you a lot lol.
-Waterproof mattress pad, and 2 sheets. You put a sheet on, the waterproof pad, and another sheet for middle of the night blow outs. So all you have to do is pull the sheet and pad and you don't have to re-make the bed in the middle of the night.
-A pack'n'play. My babies live in them in our bedroom for the first several months. I don't get any sleep when they sleep in the same bed with me, so I put them right next to the bed in the pack'n'play.

I think that's about it...

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"krazykat" wrote:

-Waterproof mattress pad, and 2 sheets. You put a sheet on, the waterproof pad, and another sheet for middle of the night blow outs. So all you have to do is pull the sheet and pad and you don't have to re-make the bed in the middle of the night.

That is a GREAT idea! I never thought about that! I do have waterproof pads that come in 3 different sizes so I use a small one for a carseat and the bigger one for the Pack N Play and the largest for the crib.

I know another must have...a diaper bag!

My sister also carried around hand sanitizer for people to use before they held her babies. I used it to sanitize changing areas if my daughter's diaper exploded (yes I did clean it but I wanted to make sure it was extra clean!)

And of course...lots of patience!

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The sheet - plastic - sheet trick continues to be useful during the night time potty training stage!! A friend of mine with three little ones told me she did it and it sounds brilliant.. otherwise she could be completly changing three beds a night, but this way, she just whips off the top sheet and plastic, new jammies and back to bed!!


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Yes! I would've never thought of the 2 sheet deal; until it happened, then I would be like why didnt I think of that before! LOL

Thanks ladies, ya'll have all been so helpful!