nursing, nursing, & more nursing.....

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nursing, nursing, & more nursing.....

Um seems like that is all I do these days... Carter said I Am like a cow and Peyton is my calf. Gotta love 4 year old humor.

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Alex called me "The Kitchen" this morning. I feel your pain! Smile

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LOl to your Ds1 comment.

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Lol, DD1 says stuff like that to me. And DD2 tries to pretend to pump like me LOL!

Also the other day DD1 told me I look like I still have a baby in my belly. Thanks kid! LOL!

Desmond has actually been sleeping more this afternoon instead of nursing (shocked me!) but he has eaten a lot out of his bottles he had (and proceeded to spit up directly down my shirt AGAIN!) But it's not like I can be mad at that cute little face!

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Me too! DH calls me "the dairy" all the time. I find myself pumping once a day if I've nursed every other feeding and feeling like I need a little bit of personal space. It's only been the past 2 nights that I've been nursing all night too. Eli was being REALLY lazy and falling asleep while nursing, so I was pumping every feeding. Ick!

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That has been us the past couple of days. Finally last night we only nursed once. We nursed at 9:00, then 2:30 and then 7. It was nice but I am not holding my breath for a pattern becuase every other night was like every 2 hrs.

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