Octopus wrestling

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Octopus wrestling

Does anyone else feel like you are having to wrestle a grabby octopus all the time? When I try to nurse, change his diaper, dress, or even just carry him I have to CONSTANTLY pry his hands off of anything that comes within his reach. He is so strong too and always has a solid grip on everything.

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Yes, Archer loves grabbing at things too.
NIP and around the other 2 kids is becoming so hard over here. Archer wants to rip the over off during NIP and wants to watch the older kids and turn fully around without unlatching when at home. Ouch! Luckily he can eat fast but it is impossible sometimes.

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OMG YES! Lucas is all about flailing around instead of nursing intently, and when he IS nursing quietly, he's pinching me! Diaper changes have turned into "how fast can I do this so he doesn't roll over" competitions...

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YES! Desmond has a habit of having to lift the nursing cover in public lol. He did it last night while we were bowling and I'm pretty sure the people next to us got a look at my boob lol.

And when I'm changing him I have to hold his legs down so he doesn't roll away! He twists so much to get away ha ha.

Let the fun times begin!!!

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Heidi is also getting super wiggly.... her favourite thing is to do squats with her legs... don't know if that makes sense. She is nursing, and will pull her legs in, then straighten them out, again and again. It is even better if she has something to push her feet against like the arm the chair. And by better, I mean that my poor boob gets pushed to and fro as she eats. Feels great Wink

And she is getting to the height where she doesn't fit on my lap nearly as well as she did a few months ago, lots of legs and arms hanging out everywhere.


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This is exactly what we have going on! Elijah likes to grab a handful of boob skin and pull it one direction or another, and then gets surprised when it's moved and he has to relocate to latch on to nurse. He also likes waving one arm all over the place while he's nursing. He grabs EVERYTHING in arms reach, he also does the squats thing while nursing (super inconvenient), likes to keep mommy as exposed as possible while nursing, and so much more.. lol. But he is SO SWEET and perfect that my heart melts every time I tell him he's being silly and he gets a huge toothless milk-covered smile. This kid owns my heart!