oh no.... a friday the 13th baby!!!!!

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oh no.... a friday the 13th baby!!!!!

Haven't posted much on here , just on my sprout page.... I was due april 11 had my apt today and but dr got called for a delievery so i have a non stress test instead... baby wasnt really cooperatative... so had a bio u/s.. it came out ok ...got to speak to my doc on the phone... told him i didnt want to wait til monday to get induced because of my daughters 1st birthday on april 17... so tomorrow i have to call the hospital in the early am to go in and .... hopefully have my baby.... soooo ready!!!!!! ..... will keep everyone updated..... also congrats to the mama's .. very cute babys that were born!!!!!! Update: 4cent dil epi is workin wonders..... Hope shell be here soon

************sorry it took so long to update .... Jada Zahara was born 5:37 pm on April 13th. 20 1/2 inch long and 7 lbs 4 oz, 4th VBAC. I will post her birth story at a later time.... Thanks guys!!!!

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How exciting Jenn. I hope it goes quickly and well for you. Definitely KUP! Can't wait to meet your new LO!

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Exciting that you'll get to meet your LO soon! Let us know how it goes!!

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Smile I hope you have a quick and easy birth! KUP!

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hope the induction goes well, gl

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Hope everything goes quickly and smoothly for you!

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Very exciting! Easy labor vibes coming your way!

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Hoping to hear good news soon! Smile

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Exciting! Hope everything went/is going well! KUP.

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