Oh yeah...BTW....

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Oh yeah...BTW....

Matt and I ELOPED!!! We took off to Vegas this last weekend and got hitched! It was so much fun and my parents and Grandma were able to make it also (We all live about 4 hours from Vegas). It was due time.....and we are so happy!

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Yahoo CONGRATS to you guys!!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting!!

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Awl Congrats!! How exciting!

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Yay congrats!!! That's exciting! I'm glad your parents and gma got to be there too.

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Awwww! :party: Congrats!! That is awesome!

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SO exciting!!! Happy to hear great news! Smile

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Congratulations! That's great news!

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Woot! Congratulations - I think eloping is extra romantic :)~

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woo congrats Biggrin

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Congrats to you and your hubby!!!

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Congrats! Vegas is great, my hubby and I got married there as well Smile

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Congratulations, Erin!!!

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Thanks ladies!!!

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Congrats on getting hitched!!

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Congrats! what a fun thing to do.

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Congrats to the both of you! How exciting!

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Congratulations!! That is exciting!

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Awww congrats!!! Smile

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How exciting- congrats!!

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