Old Navy Sale and various other ramblings

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Old Navy Sale and various other ramblings

So Old Navy is having an online sale that ends tomorrow; (I just got the email today, so don't know how long it has been going on) 15% off all maternity wear, 20% if you spend $100 or more and 30% off baby clothes! Plus free shipping everyday on orders $50 or more. I got a maxi skirt, a tee shirt dress, four tank tops, a wrap nursing top, a cropped blue jean jacket, and of course, a little something for Camille, a 12-18 month blue overall skirt, all for $110! I'd say that's a pretty good deal! I got the 20% off plus free shipping. I also am waiting on a $50 gift card from my cash back bonus from Discover, for Motherhood Maternity; they're also having a sale that ends tomorrow, but a lot of their stuff has already been picked over. I think I'm going to get a couple of nursing bras with the gift card since I got such a great deal on the clothes at Old Navy. I'm not sure how to determine what size nursing bra I will need, I'm a 38 B right now, went up a size since becoming pregnant, and probably could stand to go up another size now. Any suggestions on what size I might should get?

So this coming Saturday is my baby shower, anyone else already have theirs? The church I work at (which I would also like to join eventually) is generously throwing me a shower on the 4th. So needless to say, I'm really going to have to be cracking down on getting the rest of the nursery together and getting things organized!

What do you ladies have left to do in the nursery, or wherever baby will be sleeping?

Ok that's the end of my ramblings I think. Just wanted to combine it all into one thread.

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We're still packing so I'll be about 36 weeks when I get to start on DS's room! Gah! He better not come before I get his room ready lol. I'm also gonna set aside a day after we move to do all the frozen dinners ha ha.

When I did my nursing bras, with DD1 I went up two cup sizes (maybe 3) and the biggest bra I had was a D34 or 36. With DD2 I went up I think just one cup size so I had a few C34 or 36 bras. This time around I got a bunch of C 34s because I was in B 32s and I knew that I would go up at least one cup size after DS is born. Some women go up a bunch of cup sizes (I have a friend who is a D and she went up to like a F or G!!! She had to special order hers lol) I know you'll go up more right after your LO is born because of engorgement, but that after the swelling goes down you may be down a cup size or two. That's what happened with me.

You sound like you found some great deals online too! I love shopping online lol. I think it's nicer than having to stand in line to get things.

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With DS I think went from a 34B to about a 38D, with DD I was a 36 B and got 38 C. That is where I am now and think I will stay about there.

The nursery is finally clean and almost ready. I just washed all really little baby stuff and put it away, so I am on the cleaning the car seat, swing etc. I do need to clean our room as it will sleep in the cradle for the first little while with us.

I just made to meals to freeze, which makes me excited. Hopefully I can make a few more and that will be done. Only 5 more weeks till this baby comes, wow that will go fast.

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I tend to lean toward Katie's answer about the bra. I went up 2 cup sizes when I was at my height of nursing, but I also had stages.. like in the very beginning, when you're really engorged, it can be painful if I don't have one that's a little large for me. On the other hand, I get one that's a size smaller, for when support and restriction is more helpful. I would recommend going to a hospital pharmacy/medical supply to have them do a general sizing, because you never know until you're nursing.

My relatives threw me a shower a few weeks ago. I wasn't expecting to have a shower or anything, so it was a nice excuse to have a party. Aside from lots of used clothes, and a few new outfits, we got a couple of things (a bebe pod chair (like a bumbo), a toy that attaches to the carseat, and 2 crib sheets. Compared to any other shower I've been to, it was a bit under-whelming.... Not that I'm not grateful- this is my 3rd time around, and we've already gotten all the big stuff and cloth diapers.. just kind of felt funny to have a shower for that.

Elijah will have his own corner of our bedroom at first, and we're just figuring out how to organize shelves for clothes, diapers, toiletries, etc. A good friend decorated wooden letters with his name, that we need to hang. I've gotten all of the diapers freshly laundered, a few things in the diaper bag.... We still need to wash a couple of loads of blankets and baby clothes, and then I feel pretty confident that we're ready. Exciting!

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I hit up the Old Navy sale (in store) also! Didn't actually buy anything for our babe, but did get a few things for my daughter, including the CUTEST swimsuit. I'm so excited about it! Haha. Smile I bought a ton of stuff as gifts for friends who are having babies though. I buy almost all consignment for my own kiddos and have a REALLY hard time justifying paying more than like $4/item because of that. But I guess my brain compartmentalizes spending retail prices on other people as just fine, cuz I had no issues doing it the other day! Smile Even though it cost more than consignment prices, I still got some great deals.