OMG, FINALLY let me log in!!!!!

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OMG, FINALLY let me log in!!!!!

I have been trying to log into for the past month!! Ever since they did the remodel I haven't been able to log in. A few times I got lucky but once I reached these bulletin boards, I was no longer logged in.

I've been SOOO anxious to update you ladies!! Ok, so the last time you heard from me, I asked for support and prayers because of the bleeding/tissue loss/cramping and was put on bed rest after leaving the emergency room. A month later I had an appt (which was a somewhat uneventful month, thank goodness) and I was released off bed rest and off pelvic rest. I had to ease back into daily routines but now I'm 100% and so is baby Z!!! Oh, that reminds me, I had my anatomy ultrasound Dec. 20th and he was confirmed a boy, we named him Zaiden, and he was measuring a week ahead in length and 2 weeks ahead in weight. So...BIG BOY!!!

Everything has been good since then, and I'm SUPER excited to have made it to viability (of course we are hoping for a nice long but not too long pregnancy, lol) and am now 25w2d. :woohoo:

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Glad things have gotten better for you and baby Z!

Welcome back too! Mines measuring at least a week ahead and weighs about 2-3 weeks ahead too. Lol. That was when I was 21 weeks so who knows how big he's gotten!

Really glad you got to be off bedrest and pelvic rest! I bet that makes things nicer for you too!

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Welcome back! I was also locked out of after the remodel, but that only lasted like 2 weeks. So annoying though... I know!! Anyway, great news on your health and your little man!

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yayyyyyyyyy to have you back, and it sounds like great news all around! I'm thrilled to be having my first boy as well, and he's measuring ahead by about the same amount. Wild!

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Zaiden but because my 2 year old's name is Zayne DH won't let me have the name Sad

I'm sooo glad things are going better for you and baby Z!!!

Welcome back!!!

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Welcome back! What great news Biggrin

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welcome back...i had the same problems and had to reset all my cookies

yay for your updates Smile Congrats on a boy and picking a name