One Month Old!

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One Month Old!

Where has the time gone?! Desmond is already a month old!!!

He has already rolled over from back to tummy a few times (first did it at a few days old), holds his head up pretty well when he wants, he's been smiling a lot more and he coos a lot. When I'm dead tired and getting irritated because he doesn't want to sleep he seems to pick up on this, coos at me, and I forget how upset I was.

I can't believe he's already a month old! We moved him into his own room over the weekend, mainly because he didn't sleep well in the pack n play. However, he LOVES his crib (I think it's the mattress). Oh and I'm pretty sure he's going through a growth spurt because he has started eating more frequently at night again.

And here's for laughs: Whenever DH picks Desmond up to feed him, and he happens to be shirtless, Desmond immediately tries to latch on to his nipple! LOL!!! Every time I hear DH say "I'm not Mommy!" I start laughing because I picture Desmond trying to latch on ha ha ha!

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Wow hard to believe he is already a month old. Happy 1 month b-day Desmond!

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Wow, time is flying!
Lol, to him trying to nurse with daddy.

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Wow, he is getting so are some of the Sprouts already a month old!??

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I know, Tyler is a month old on Thursday! I have no clue how that time went by so quickly.

Happy one month Desmond!

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happy one month, little man! Smile i'm with you-- AMAZING to believe so many are several weeks old, when we still have more Sprouts on the way!