Online browsing for baby things...

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Online browsing for baby things...

So I thought I'd start browsing for baby needs and ran a quick search for playpens.

Well, let me just say the last time I bought a playpen was in 2005 and even used the same one for my DD2 in 2007 because it was pretty much in mint condition. It had an attachable thing for diapers and a raised base for infants/changing (which I never used). Now apparently playpens are created as if the child is going to live in them! They have insane storage on the sides that raises above the railing, a changing area, a basinette for baby, another raised level for infant changing, and the regular area. Some also have storage areas on or around the bottom and these HUGE canopy's for each section, and I'm pretty sure I saw one with a built in rocking swing LOL.

Does anyone else find the new playpens excessive?

All they really need now is rocket fuel so baby can just fly to the moon. Hahaha well, there's my rant. I am just having a hard time finding a NORMAL playpen -- saw maybe two or three.

Am I crazy? Are these things really more practical???? I just can't imagine!

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That's how I feel about shopping for strollers and infant seats!

I just bought a basic pack-n-play. We only use on rare occasions like when we are traveling.

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I still have the Pack N Play that we bought used for DD1. We use it for DD2 when traveling or staying at my mom's. We kept good care of it so we're going to use it again for the next one until we put him/her in a crib (at that time we will also have to get DD2 a bed).

But that's insane! I've seen the kind where it had an extra part for a changing table and stuff, but nothing like what you're talking about (and if I have I didn't pay attention lol).

Although a lot of things now are like that with swings and bouncers. I like simple things lol.

Man that makes me glad that we kept so much of our old stuff from the girls!

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Chicco makes a normal one. Had great reviews.

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Thanks for the tip!

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All the new stuff out is overwhelming. We kept loads of stuff from DS1 born in 2005 as well so luckliy I haven't had to buy much new stuff for DS2 this past year and now for #3. That is crazy that a PNP can do so much stuff!

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Our pnp was from Graco, three years ago. It had the changer which was actually nice during travel! So glad that we won't be having to buy the big things again. Even our car seats are still good to go! Which is crappy for a girl, but she'll be learning to love blue early Wink