OT - flooding in my area, death mentioned

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OT - flooding in my area, death mentioned


This happened a few miles from where I live. Even more devastating is the rumor (friend of a friend style) that she may have been in the early stages of pregnancy too. I couldn't imagine.. They had no idea going to the grocery store would end up like that.

We also have neighbors in our apartment complex (4 apartments total) that are being evacuated because the nearby lake and ground water have filled their apartments with water. It was only a few inches last night, but by morning was up to 14 inches above their floor level & not expected to go down for several days. Four apartments worth of belongings are being moved out as I sit & watch- if I weren't pregnant and getting over a stomach bug, I would be down there helping. The normally tranquil lake is *rushing* with massive currents, less than 20 feet from our apartment. Sheesh! Glad I'm on the 2nd floor & a building away from the worst of it.

Sad kind of a rough day around here, overwhelming my thoughts & making it hard to concentrate on homework for tomorrow.

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How scary! And sad! Aww my thoughts are with the family.

And I'm glad for you too that your apartment didn't get flooded. I hope everyone else who has lost things has a lot of support and can get donations if needed.

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awww how sad.......I came home to find out a woman got hit/killed by a tow truck just around the corner from my house this morning just half an hour after we left Sad So sad and things always seem extra sad when they happen so close to home. Apparently she was crossing the street to get to the bus stop (no light/stop sign there)

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That is so sad.

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:lurker: i'm just a little northeast of you. Stay safe, they are saying it could get worse before anything gets better. That accident completely broke my heart, i just cannot imagine.

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Sad That is terrible. Stay safe please and so sorry you have this added stress!