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This may be a little TMI but my nips hurt badly! Like they are dry but i dont see anything coming from them. Ive never had sore sore nips before except for after i had my son and was breastfeeding!!!

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I get the weirdest feeling in my nips too. They'll start to get really, really hard and extra painful. It lasts for like 5 minutes, then goes away. Ouchy!

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Mine have been hurting a lot lately too. Not all the time but every so often (usually at night) they will be really sore.

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That sounds not at all fun. I had extreme nipple periodically the whole time I was BFing my DD. Now they get really itchy, but I seem to have a slow leak because I get crusty stuff on them. Sorry if that's TMI.

Oh the many interesting things we go through during pregnancy.

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Sometimes I hate taking showers because if the water hits my nipples it hurts so bad. DH thinks it's kind of funny. Ha any time I hurt and I complain to him his response is always "You're the one who wanted to be pregnant" lol. Hey he wanted another one too!

But I agree. My nipples have been real sore and last night I noticed how blue the veins in my chest and all over my boobs are!

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I've been having nip issues here as well. Can't say they're sore exactly, but they've been pretty dry and just.... uncomfortable. It comes and goes. Eh... pregnancy.

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I can cut glass with mine. For the last month. They hurt Sad

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Not only do mine hurt like no other, DS2 is still nursing and testing out the new front teeth he has gotten over the last month. Its is agony sometimes. Also when its cold and they are hard (like all the time now with winter close) they are sore and burning. Ahhh. Wanting this to pass ASAP!

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My boobs are not sore at all but if you just touch my nips....PAIN!!!!

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That sounds miserable! I've had the occasional overall twinge feeling, but mainly just the constant hardening, itching, and sometimes turning white. At this same stage with my first, I started having the color loss (5 minutes at a time). When I began nursing, it turns out that my blood vessels were constricting too much. I have the occasional itch-fit now, where if I squeeze, I can get a tiny hardened milk drop from a few of the pores, then the itching stops. I look forward to nursing, but there are some things I just didn't miss..

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I get moments of stabbing pain in mine... DH calls it the 'nipple gremlin'! And I admit, I wasn't too upset when DS quit nursing a month ago - the last few weeks it was agony when he latched on!

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omg i'm so glad you guys are feeling this too (ok well not really but ykwim Smile )

I have sensitive nips to begin with but these days they hurt even if I nudge them with my shirt. dh thinks I'm crazy so I'm happy to read I"m not haha
With ds mine got this weird nasty scab and cracked looking thing over both and when he nursed the first time it came off. The nurses were very shocked (me too of course)

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im so glad im not the only one! I dont remember this happening with my son at all! Is there anything you can do? Is it too early to start putting the nipple cream on lol