ouch x2

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ouch x2

2 ouchies for me these days:

1) baby boy seems to like to lie with his foot lodge right up my ribs, if I'm not sitting up perfectly straight (not the easiest most of the time) it hurts. Who else's baby is doing this? I try to push down but he's not budging sigh

2) saw my athletic therapist today and he thinks I have piriformis syndrome which is the piriformis muscle in the butt pushing on the sciatic nerve causing pain. I have exercises and stretches to do

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My LO likes to lay low but there are times that he climbs up into my ribs causing me to not be able to breath (esp when I lay on my back for any amount of time!)

And as weird as this may sound...I may have piriformis syndrome too! I go in Tuesday to get checked out because I am in so much pain right now. I don't know much about it (just the little I read on Wikipedia) my I have pain that is in my left butt cheek that goes to my hip and bottom of my back all the way down to my knee. It hurts to sneeze and cough too. Oh and it's gotten bad that I kinda limp right now. Ha which is why DH finally told me I'm going to the dr.

Or it could just be a badly pulled muscle. Who knows!

Anyway, hope your stretches help fix your pain and I wish I knew some advice to try to get LO to stop kicking your ribs!

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sounds similar....does yours come and go? Mine will be fine, walking then hits me. I "think" this is probably what is the difference between piriformis causing sciatic pain and the nerve being the problem. I was told it can go lower into the leg but luckily mine is "so far" confined to the top of the glute to the bottom. Oh and it feels like a line of pain up/down vs a region.

silly boys let us breathe

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There's day it's better and then there's days like the past 3 where it feels like my joints are rubbing together and I have to limp. It just feels like a muscle going from the top of my butt down to my knee right now, where usually it would just be part of my butt where I could never pinpoint the place exactly.

It's been going off and on since the end of Aug but it doesn't always hurt me. It got better when I stopped carrying DD2 a lot and then this past weekend when I was picking up baby clothes, DD2 wouldn't listen so I had to football carry her to the car 3 different times. I think that's why it's so painful because it's only comfortable to carry her on my left side.

I've soaked in hot baths, DH has given me massages and I've been stretching that leg but it hasn't helped. Hopefully the dr can give me some advice and tell me what it is!!

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I hope I escape another pregnancy without that dreaded pain! I haven't had any painful jabs in the ribs, but I definitely feel the little man kicking toward my back, which is a little uncomfortable... and the standard lower back pain. It's miserable sometimes, but I guess this time around, I kind of knew what I was in for.. Blum 3Smile

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My daughter was under my ribs, but so far all I feel with this one is movement really low... even though the placenta is on the back, all the movement is down by my hips. Not looking forward to the feet/head/butt in the ribs!!
My biggest pain is actually my knees.... weird, eh?? I think with the loosening ligaments, my knees which I wrecked playing hockey are getting really sore.. nearly fell down the stairs when the pain hit me unexpectedly!!

Hope you get some relief from the stretches and exercises!


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My baby boy does that a lot & I think it's due to the fact that he is in a transverse position. His head is snuggled right in my pelvis on the left side & I also believe that is why I am having such bad pelvic/hip pain on the left side as well. You can literally hear my bones pop & crack if I stand up or sit up. It's crazy & very painful. Almost feels like my bones are grinding together.

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OMG, I used to never believe in chiropractic care until I had the same thing. She made it disappear almost instantly!! You may want to consider it. If something is off in the structure of your body, it can effect the body's functions... so laboring down the road may even be affected. All I know is that the relief is totally worth the $35 once a month for me!!

I hope you can find something that helps!

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Ouch to both things. Hope the exercises and stretches help with the 2nd thing.