Our April Sprout is here

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Our April Sprout is here

This was me on Thursday 29 March.

I had had my weekly visit with my midwife on Tuesday 27th where we discussed induction dates for the following week. I wanted to avoid an induction as much as possible. Because of the discrepancy in my dates, my age and possibility of issues with the placenta, we decided to do a stretch and sweep right there. OK, so that requires a bit of mental preparation on my part so no surprises that I was a little tense and therefore it pretty much did nothing. We scheduled another appointment for the 29th for another sweep should that one not be successful.

Thursday 29th at 2pm I went in for the next sweep, this time a bit more mentally prepared and relaxed. When I got home I decided that it was going to better to stay on my feet this time rather than go put my feet up because of a little swelling. Instead I baked a cake, made a double load of 'mac 'n cheese' and had dinner on the table when the rest of the family got home from Karate.

I noticed during dinner that my Braxton Hicks contractions were pretty regular and intense. Tightening was definitely across the top of my bump and nowhere else. At 1950hrs that changed in an instant. Braxton hicks were gone and contractions had begun. Pain stemming from the lower back and coming around the front to underneath my bump. We put the kids all to bed as it was their bedtime and rung FIL & partner. I decided it was probably a safe idea for them to start their 40 minute trip to our house, just in case.

I began timing straight away: 2 minutes and 36 seconds, 4 minutes 50 seconds, 7 minutes 33 seconds, 3 minutes 13 seconds... from then on it didn't change much except get closer together. So I went had a shower and rung my midwife when I got out. Her instructions had been to "call me when you get to 5 mins apart." but I never did 5 mins really. She said to txt her when we were leaving. FIL and his partner turned up and we left straight away.

We arrived at the hospital at 10pm and I expected things to progress quickly as my DD only took 2 hours. Contractions got more intense as the evening progressed. I swayed through them leaning on DH until midnight when I decided I'd had enough. I laid down on the bed on my left side and all of a sudden I felt a 'pop' and my waters had broken.

At 00:30am I was checked for progress. There was an issue with my dilation. I appeared to be stuck at 9cm and was still showing bulging forewaters. Even though I had felt my waters break and there was evidence, there was still a huge amount of water surrounding the baby. We discussed breaking this water also but were then faced with the possibility of a cord prolapse occurring. Because there was such a high possibility of this happening, "emergency caesarean" also came up in the conversation. The Registrar decided it would be better for me to continue as I was for another hour and things would then be re-evaluated. In the meantime, I had blood drawn (required for the c-sec) - just in case.

Suddenly I was pukey. When that was over with I was put on my back and had the bed adjusted into a more upright position. With every contraction I got the shakes. At 01:10am I had gotten the most intense back pain so my midwife got a heat pack for me which helped considerably.

At 01:37am the Registrar was back to re-check me. My cervix had a rim which was holding me back from dilating to 10cm. She decided to break my bulging forewaters. By then the contractions were so intense, my back was so sore and I was so tired. I was about ready to give up. Of course, that's when it's all on!

At 01:45am my midwife rechecked me and I was fully dilated. I was put on my left side (my preferred position for delivery) and was left to push. Incredibly intense! Baby was then coming FAST down the birth canal. Within two pushes I felt the baby crowning and a very quick 'Pant! Pant! Slow it down!' from my midwife. OMG, that was hard to do.

At 01:49am we had a normal vaginal delivery of a healthy baby boy. The cord was around his neck. He had a quick rub down to assist his breathing and then up on me for a whole hour. I had received a small tear which was fixed with one stitch. His Apgar score was 9 / 9.

We've named our son Daniel Jayden. He was born on 30 March 2012 at 01:49am (NZST). His birth weight was 4075gms (9lb) and was 55cm (21.5" long).

He has settled in well at home and is being well cuddled by all of his big brothers and big sister (and Mummy and Daddy too of course).

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Congrats on your little sprout!! He is a cutie and it seems like you got the birth you wanted Smile

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congrats Smile
Glad there was no need for emerg c/s

so cute

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Enjoyed reading your story! Congratulations--- what a cutie!!!

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Congrats on your son! Glad you got to have your natural birth and not an emergency c/s. Thanks for sharing your story!

Your son is beautiful and I bet your other kids are real excited to have a baby brother!

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Congrats on you new little guy! I'm glad that everything went well in the end even though it took some extra time. TFS!

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love this birth story! and looooooooooove those cheeks! Smile

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Congrats on a great birth, and he is adorable!

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I'd say that's a pretty good story Smile Congrats, he's ADORABLE!!

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Congrats and WTTW, Daniel!

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Congratulations! He is adorable.

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That is a fantastic birth story! I love it. Congratulations to you and your family on your newest very handsome addition!!

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congrats on your baby boy!