Our halloween costumes.. and belly pics

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Our halloween costumes.. and belly pics

My girls - Addison is a Cupcake fairy and Katelyn is Rapunzel. I made both their costumes 100% by hand. I'll have to get better pictures. I haven't figured out night settings on my camera quite yet.
My costume. I used the same idea someone posted a while ago. LOVED it. Smile
PhotobucketThis is 13 & 15 weeks and.... Photobucket this is 18 weeks. I feel MUCH bigger, but I don't think I can really see much change in the mirror. DH sees it I guess. I'm wondering if my body just didn't pop out way early because it's been down this road before, and I have to wait for the baby to catch up...

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Wow you made those costumes all by hand?! Those are incredible! You are very talented!!!

And you have such a cute pregnant belly. I can't believe how big our bellies are getting! And soon we'll all be getting the u/s to see how big our little ones are (and some of us finding out the sex if we haven't already). Gah so exciting!!!

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Looking good!

Great job on all those costumes!