Out of the hospital!

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Out of the hospital!

A few days ago I posted that it was so nice out and I felt like crap. Well, two hours later I started bleeding. A lot. I spent the last two days in the hospital and they're still not sure what was going on but here's what I do know:

The bleeding as stopped. I was having contractions..a lot.. and have not been checked since I first went in Sunday (I was 1cm them) so who knows.
I had two betamethasone injections to mature his lungs.
According to my ultrasound Sunday he's measuring small, about 2nd percentile for his gestational age. With the likelyhood that the bleeding was a partial placenta abruption and him measuring small, I have to have an ultrasound every week from now on.

It was very confusing. One minute I was signing c section consents and being talked to about taking him then or staying in the hospital till they do take him, the next minute I had a new doctor and was being considered for going home.

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That is insane! I am so sorry that you are having to go through such a scary situation! I will hope and pray that you can bake that little guy for a while yet! KUP on how things are going. Were your other kids early?

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Glad the bleeding has stopped! How scary that must've been!

Were either of your other kids small? I'm glad things are getting better though. Hopefully you won't bleed again and don't have to go back until it's time for him to be born! At least you get to see him every week til he's born too.

KUP on how you're doing!

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WOw, glad things settled down. Hopefully you can keep that baby baking a little longer.

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Sounds like you have had a few eventful days, glad you are doing better and was released. KUP! So are you on Full Bedrest until he is born?

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I'm so sorry about all the bleeding and the totally confusing inforation the hospital has left you with. Keep that little guy baking as long as you can and take it extra easy.

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Wow, what a scary ordeal! I hope you can keep that baby baking for a while longer. Keep us posted!

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Yea I'm on bedrest till he's born. #1 was born at 38 weeks and was 6lbs 4 oz. #2 was born at 36 weeks and he was 6lbs 12 oz. This guy is 32 weeks and measuring under 4 pounds. I don't know how off an ultrasound can be though..just waiting to see. He was small but within the 2 week mark at my early ultrasounds too so maybe he's just little!

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I've heard that u/s can be off by a pound or two, so maybe he's laying funny and he's measuring good. Hope you keep him baking longer and that you're taking things real easy!

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Glad that you're out the hospital, but sorry about the bleeding scare. I agree that u/s can be off, so hopefully he is doing just fine. He may just be a small baby, which is fine! My son was overdue and still only weighed 6lb4oz. Today, you wouldn't be able to tell, because he's a pretty big boy now. Thanks for checking in with us, and let us know how you are when you can.

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What a whirlwind!! I'll be keeping you and your little man in my thoughts & prayers! That would be so nerve-wracking!

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so scary, glad you're home and on bedrest. Do you have people around to help with the other 2?
no ideas what caused?

kup :bighug:

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WOW That is so scary!!!! I'm glad the bleeding has stopped and hope the rest of your pregnancy is uneventful!

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Follow up u/s today! Baby is just fine! He's measuring right on track, unlike what we saw last week. He's well over 4 pounds Smile So far no more bleeding. Hopefully he's happy in there now!