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Yuck, I hate this part. Even though I was overdue with Olivia, i still had hope that I might go on time. You would think that since this is my third kid, and I am 3cm dialated, I might have a chance to deliver on time. Nope.

Haha, i am an emotional mess...broke down crying with DH today because of the grocery shopping. Imagine a very huge woman sobbing on her husband, "It's not about the meatballs!"

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Lol I remember the last few weeks of pregnancy I would cry because I was so clumsy! At least 3 times I spilled stuff all over the counter (a pan full of water, my juice, a cup of water) and I would say "Man!" and DH would come see what was wrong and he would ask what would happen and then I'd just start crying that I was sorry I spilled the juice or water or made a mess. He would laugh and clean it up for me. Lol.

I couldn't take anything as a joke either. If DH said something to me and I thought he was serious, I would just cry and he'd hug me as he laughed.

I hope things start to progress for you so you don't have to be pregnant much longer!

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I feel your pain! Though my 'official' EDD is tomorrow, by my personal calculations it was yesterday. But either way I totally get being done with it and the sobbing over groceries. And no, it's not about the meatballs!!

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Hope things happen soon for you!!

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Sad I couldn't imagine having gone overdue. I am sure I would have, if I hadn't needed a surgical birth *yet again.* Beee

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Oh I feel your misery. Sad I went 4 days overdue w/my daughter and that was absolute torture. I'm also fearing/expecting an overdue baby.... still have 11 days til my due date though, so we'll see. Hope things start happening soon for you!!!

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boo i hate the emotional state
hope you go soon

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DS threw up in computer class today--so now we have stomach flu in the house! Oh dear...

He is currently sleeping on the couch, poor kid.

eta--DS threw up, not DH Smile