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Adam was a big time "sucker" on my finger from baby and would only settle with it (even though I tried to stop I gave in because it was the only thing that worked). Would never take paci.

I just came across an article looking for something else that said wean off paci during second 6mths to prevent middle ear infections and wouldn't you know he JUST started using paci at 6mth ack haha

sigh oh well I'll try to limit it but you know how it is, if it works you use it Smile

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Kole never took a paci either. He also never took a bottle. In a way I'm grateful because I hate pacifiers but they can be useful in soothing. The paci saved me with DD. I wasn't planning on using one, but she was super colicky and high needs and it became a life saver with her and then at 6 months she just stopped taking it. I guess I just got lucky.

If it works for you use it for a while and then maybe you can phase it out as he gets older.

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I think that if it works and helps you both sleep, then use it. There is always research somewhere that says everything has some negative effect, if he starts have ear infections you can deal with it then. All three of our kids have used soother (2 past 6 mths) and we never had ear infection problems, but everyone is different. Sometimes parenting is just about surviving!!

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ds1 used when he was a baby but same as you guys dropped by himself before 6mth.
when Adam was born his need to suck was so much (on my finger) I was afraid to give him paci but after 3 weeks I was going crazy at night b/c it was the ONLY thing to keep him happy. Of course then he wouldn't take it haha

I'll give him a month or so then offer it less and less see how he does

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Both my girls loves pacifiers...they both had them til they were after a year old too ha ha. They have never had ear infections!

Desmond on the other hand wants something to suck on but prefers to use me as a pacifier lol. Although he does take his actual one off and on, but since he's teething he wants to just suck on something more lately (usually me though lol)

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No soothers here! We never tried very hard with our older daughter, she had one one day when I was in a wedding when she was about 2 months old and just had to wait until I could feed her... We gave Heidi one quite early on, and she threw up, tried it a couple times since, but she just spits it out right away. At this point I don't think there is any point in introducing one since we've made it this far without!

On a different note, it is crazy how old I've seen kids with soothers... saw kids who were like 5 or 6 with one at the park, saw another little guy at preschool with one so he must have been at least 3.5... It becomes too much to me when the soother starts to interfere with speaking. Not judging the families for their choices, just thought the kid would give them up on their own by these ages.

As for ear infections, my older daughter never had the soother, but did have the ear infections... she had well over 10 and ended up with two sets of ear tubes. So, ear infections can definitely occur either way.


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YES! I have seen kids that *I* feel should be too old for a paci, but that's just me. Same thing goes for a bottle though :/ I know someone who gave her 3+ year old a bottle still and she still woke up at night for it...not judging, I just think at that age, it'd be harder to break them of it since it's almost like something they've always had (or probably always have had).

Plus I thought dentists and drs didn't like pacifiers after a certain age because it can mess up their teeth and bite, but I could be wrong.