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Desmond is both bottle and breastfed (I pump so DH can do feedings too) but lately he seems like he might want a pacifier. How do I know if he wants one or not? Is it bad to give breastfed babies pacifiers? I thought I had read that they may stop taking the breast if they have a pacifier.

He does real well with both breast and bottle (unless he's really mad, then he has a hard time latching). He gets mad when I offer the bottle lol. But other than that he nurses good. I just don't want to give him a pacifier and then him refuse the breast.

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Obviously I don't have any experience, but when I took my childbirth class, the teacher who is a lactation consultant, said that breasted babies could get nipple confusion of you give them a pacifier while breast feeding. However, I have pacifiers on stand by in case my LO needs something to soothe her. That's just my two cents, I hope someone can give some better advice! Lol. Good luck!

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When I was pg with DD, I as adamant that I was NOT going to use pacifiers at all. However, when she was about 3 weeks old and very colicky we ended up making an emergency trip to go buy a pacifier!!

The issue is with nipples in general, bottles or pacifiers. So if he doesn't have nipple confusion with the bottle and breast then a pacifier will likely be just fine. As long as breastfeeding is well established, you should be good to go! "They"generally say 3 to 4 weeks, but since he's already going from breast to bottle to breast fine, I'd say you are established!


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"AnnaRO" wrote:

since he's already going from breast to bottle to breast fine, I'd say you are established! :goodluck:

I agree with this. I breastfed DD, and also pumped so she had both, like you're doing. I can't remember when, or why, we gave her a paci, but anyway, she used those too, and she had no prob with any of those. No confusion.

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with ds I think his limited paci use started at around 2-3 weeks but he was solely bf and we never had probs. Since you're already going btwn bf and bottle without probs I'd guess you're fine too

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I have never used a pacifier for a baby, but in my child birth class they said to wait at least 6 weeks until starting a pacifier. On the other hand, fingers crossed, I haven't had a colicky baby, so I can't say I wouldn't give a pacifier if I thought it would keep sanity in the house!!

Good luck!!

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I gave DS a pacifier that he self weaned off of at 3 months, he breast and bottle fed and never had any type of confusion but we started all 3 at the same time so that may have something to do with it.

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I have bf all 6 of my babies and 4 of them took pacifiers from the start. In my experience the longer I waited to introduce the pacifier they had no interest. I personally liked when my babies would take a pacifier because it helped soothe them in times when I couldn't....dinner prep, etc.

Where you are bottlefeeding too, I don't think there would be any problem. JMHO. Good luck!

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All 3 of our kids have been breastfed and got pacifiers right away and never had any issue with nipple confusion. Babies know when they are getting food and not getting food. Emma just spent 4 days being breastfed, bottle fed formula and having a pacifier and had no issues what so ever. I have found that my kids sometimes needed just a little more comfort sucking instead of using me as a human pacifier.

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I'm wondering if I should hold off on giving him a pacifier. Both my girls took pacifiers. DD1 kept hers until about 18 months and then DD2 kept hers until just over a year. Both were able to quit cold turkey (luckily!) But Desmond has been chewing and sucking on his hands and fingers like crazy and I fear him becoming a thumb sucker since that's harder to break (plus my sister was a thumb sucker until about 12 and she ended up having to get braces because her teeth were so worn down and she had a huge overbite).

Thanks for all your responses! I really don't want to give up breast feeding if he gets nipple confusion. hopefully that won't happen if we do get him a pacifier.

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I'm exclusively breastfeeding and didn't start using a pacifier until he was 3 days old because he seemed as if he wanted something to suck on in between feedings. He doesn't take it all the time, and I haven't had any problems with him latching on. The LC at the hospital said to wait until a month of age, but there were times when he needed to be soothed such as me using the restroom or showering. I hope you don't have any trouble with nipple confusion.

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My DD wouldn't take a pacifier. Tyler took to it right away. I was exclusivly BFing (now having to supplement). But, he did have problems latching. Not sure if it was more to do with my nipple, though. I bought a medela breast shield and that has made the difference in our nursing.

If Desmond is already taking a bottle and nursing, I wouldn't worry too much about nipple confusion.

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"Jeffininer" wrote:

If Desmond is already taking a bottle and nursing, I wouldn't worry too much about nipple confusion.

I agree completely!

Peyton has already received a pacifier, a bottle and now doing great with breast feeding.

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I broke down and got pacifiers today because a lot of yesterday he acted like he needed something to suck on. Plus we had a rough night last night and I'm hoping him having a pacifier will help times like that (although it could be that my milk tasted off to him because I had a real spicy dinner last night (added too much seasoning on accident) and it upset his stomach).

He is sleeping right now, but I'll be testing out the pacifier today!

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Did you get a few different types? I want to try a soothe with Peyton but right now I only have a nuk and a tommee tippee, he has taken the tommee tippee and we haven't tried the nuk yet.

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I got a "The First Years Gumdrop Newborn Pacifier" 2 pack. They look like the soothies but are smaller (the part that the nipple is attached to). I like it because the nipple on it is the same shape as the nipples on the bottles we use, so I figured he'd do well with it. All the others had different shaped nipples and I was afraid if I gave him a different shaped one, he may stop take the breast or bottle (and I like that DH loves helping feed him).

I did give him one and he at first seemed to choke on it. But then he actually started sucking on it and he seems to like it. Although he doesn't seem to be able to keep a good latch on it lol. But hey, if he doesn't take it all the time, that's fine by me. The only bad thing is DD2 insists that he has to have it in his mouth at all times lol. And she wants me to take the 2nd one out of the package.