Pelvic pain?

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Pelvic pain?

Is anyone else having this?

I just noticed it today; it's happened twice just for about a minute a piece. It hurts like the dickens though! It's like down in the lower part of my pelvis on the left side. It's just a very painful throbbing sensation.

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I bet it's round ligament pain.

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I have random pains right around the top of my hip bones when I sneeze, cough, stand up too fast.. etc. HAHA! As with my first two, it started around 4-5 weeks, and will likely last until nearly the end. I hope you are luckier than me!

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Twice I was just laying down and then I was standing up once. I was reading about round ligament pain and it says it happens usually when you're making a sudden movemnt, and usually in the second trimester. I hope thats all it is though.

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It's probably round ligament pain. I've been having those pains since before I knew I was pregnant! (Way sooner than I did the first time around). As I recall, they occurred sporadically throughout the whole pregnancy last time. Woohoo.

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Yes I've had them for weeks. And it sucks!

Earlier today, when I was walking back from the mailbox, I could feel pain in the tops of my legs. I feel it a lot when I move too quickly or sneeze or cough too hard. Gah!

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Glad im not alone!! I get some sharp pains from time to time and i go straight to the restroom. Im bad and thinking the worse sometimes!! When i went to the dr the other day for my cold etc. She listened to my stomach and said there was alot going on in there lol. I told her i was pregnant she goes oh well that would make since lmao. Our bodies are just adjusting and getting used to pregnancy. Tho last night i had a sharp shooting pain from my tailbone down the back of my left leg. That is not round ligament pain but OMG that was not comfy at all:eek: