Perinatal Heart Specialist Appt Update!!!

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Perinatal Heart Specialist Appt Update!!!

We saw the specialist on Monday!! We didn't get the 3d/4D sono like originally told but we did get one heck of an awesome quality 2d ultrasound done. First, the flap isn't actually a flap. It's calcification on one of the tendons that move the valves in the heart. It doesn't cover the whole's not something that will ever go away, but the specialist says its not something that will continue to get worse either. It's not messing with the beating of his heart so she doesnt think it will turn into a murmur and she said it doesn't increase chance of heart attack or stroke later in life either. It's just something he will always have but it shouldnt cause any other issues.

As far as the downs syndrome thing goes...this calcification is typically seen in babies with downs syndrome rather than (for lack of a better word) normal babies. However, there were NO other markers for downs syndrome that could be detected by sono!! WOO HOO!!! Risk of downs for my age group is 1 in 1040 but because of this, his risk is 1 in 520 so its really low. The specialist seemed VERY confident that everything is ok. She said there is no reason to see me back.

We have found much relief from this appt and I have found myself once again looking forward to Zaiden's arrival.

Oh, and I doubt this really means anything but in two weeks, my cervix went from 4 to 3 cm (thickness not dilation). Oh, AND...he is back to measuring about a week ahead overall. Wanna know how big his head is? 30 cm....that is exactly 3 weeks AHEAD!!! I'm in trouble when he decides to come!! lol

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Sounds like some overall good news -

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great appt Smile

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What a relief!!!! Really glad they got you in there fast! I agree, sounds like baby is totally normal and healthy and you can now go back to simply enjoying your beautiful pregnancy!

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So glad things looked great and that they put your mind at ease! Sounds like an awesome appt!!!! And you got to see your LO again!

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That is great news! I am glad they were able to put your fears to rest and that the baby looks good!

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Sounds like great news! I'm glad it's good news and that things are looking good for your LO!

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Glad to hear of the good appt!

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I'm so glad everything looks really good and you can feel at ease the rest of this pregnancy.

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That is definitely a relief to hear! Glad you got some good news at this appt.

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I love an update full of good news! Very happy for you. Smile