Pictures of my baby boy (DJ)

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Pictures of my baby boy (DJ)

DJ & his big brother Kyren

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He is so adorable! I love how awake he is. Your boys look great together!

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great pics Smile

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Precious!! TFS!!

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Wow! He looks so alert. He looks like he's already grown into his looks, if that makes sense. He doesn't have that 'newborn' look to him. He's a total cutie! Congrats again!

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Oh, he's cute! What a looker and he seems so aware!

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He's precious! Big brother is quite the cutie, too!

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So cute! I love the pic with his big brother!

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I agree with PP- he looks like he's already past the newborn stage in his looks. SUPER cute! Smile

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So cute! And the one with him and his big brother is very sweet. How is DJ adjusting to having a baby brother?

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What a cutie!

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So cute!!!

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Hey ladies, thanks for the comments. He is such a doll. I agree too that he doesn't have the typical newborn look. My oldest son's name is Kyren and baby boy just so happened to be a junior. We really thought that we were going to have one boy and one girl so we didn't even think to name our first son a junior lol. But things have changed and we are sure we want more kids a few years down the line. In the beginning Kyren didn't want to even come home from MIL's house because he didn't want to be around "that baby" (his brother) but now he loves talking to him and telling him to "shhh" when he cries. I think he is adjusting pretty well so far.

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Here are a few more pics that I like:

DJ smiling

His Dimples

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He is super cute, and I love the pic of him and his brother Smile

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*Lurker from May 2012*

What a cute baby boy you have!!!! And I love the name of his older brother Smile

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He is adorable! Congrats momma!

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What a handsome little man!