Pictures of my kiddos!! You know you want to see them!

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Pictures of my kiddos!! You know you want to see them!

DD likes to help me nurse.

6 weeks old

Kole is so big! He's already wearing 9 month onsies and they are tight on him!!

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He is so cute! And wow he is big! Desmond can still fit in newborn onesies!!!

I love that your DD likes to try and help BF. DD2 does that too. It's really funny though when she takes my breast pump and puts it on her side or tummy trying to make it work LOL!

Did he like to pool? A few weeks ago DH and I took the kids but Des slept the whole time she I didn't get to try and get him in. Although we have bought a bathing suit for him. Smile

Love the pictures! TFS!

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I'm loving the chin! We went to the pool at our local YMCA (which uses natural filtration, instead of tons of chlorine, which I love) & Elijah was OK with it after a minute. At first, he wasn't liking the temperature change, but it was so warm and humid that day.
You've inspired me to post some pictures, since I haven't posted any aside from his birthday!

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Loving his little arm rolls! So cute!

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Awww! You kids are so adorable!!

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he's a solid little guy isn't he? Wink And here was me, excited about Ella getting some rolls on her legs - she's got nothing like what Kole has got! WTG nursing mama!!

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cute looks like he enjoys the pool Smile