Pinkeye :-(

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Pinkeye :-(

The baby has pinkeye Sad DD1 got treated Thursday of last week for it and shortly after the baby got it. We tried the breastmilk thing and it didn't work at all. So Saturday I took her to instant care and they gave us the erythromycin eye ointment. Today it is still red and goopy. It worries me so much! The older kids don't bother me because they are bigger but she is so little and I hate it!

How long will it take for it to go away? I'm probably totally freaking out but I don't want her to go blind or anything.

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I would give it another day or two and if it isn't better call her pediatrician. I hope it goes away soon. Peyton has been sick (stuff nose) for 2 weeks now I know what you mean you feel so helpless when they are so small & not feeling well.

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How horrible! Poor baby girl! I hope she gets over it soon. I agree with Kelly though, if she doesn't seem to be better by Tuesday night or Wed morning to call her pediatrician and maybe they can give her something else, or at least put your mind at ease if she's getting better.

Kelly - I hope Peyton feels better soon soon!

We go in for Desmond's 2 month check up tomorrow and he will get shots, so he may be sick too!

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Poor girl. I agree with checking in with the pedi.
Archer had a head cold too for nearly 2 weeks. Broke my heart. We saw the doctor for checks quiet a few times since he is so little.

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That would be horrible! We are at the tail-end of antibiotics for my 6-year old having pink eye :-\. All of my kiddos have had a clogged tear duct, which is often mistaken for pink eye.. but not nearly as bad. Like others have said, I would give it just a few days... and make sure you keep the ointment if you need it for future use! I love that stuff, and it lasts forever even though the bottle is tiny. Smile

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Amanda, DS had (still has actually) a clogged duct. They said the would probe it once he turns 2. Hes had it since birth too. But the baby's is much worse. His just leaked gunk. We never really noticed any eye irritation except from just wiping it clean all the time but that was more the skin right under his eye. Hers poor thing was almost swollen shut when I took her in on Saturday Sad

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Poor little girl! How scary for you as she's so little.

Em's had a clogged duct since she as a week old. It hardly ever gets gunky now but sometimes it will water when she's upset. Em did get pinkeye at 6 months old. It took a couple of days for the drops to work but I agree with the pp that if it's not gone by Tues/Wed I'd call the pediatrician just to see what other options there are.

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Aww poor baby girl! I hope it clears up for her soon.