This post should have been "Back from my BIG US"

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This post should have been "Back from my BIG US"

So I ended up scheduling with the idiots that had put me on hold for 45 minutes after I had finally gotten through that one time because they answered right away when I tried them a few days later. (I couldn't find a local US tech, so they are the closest) --

Well, over the phone they read you the policy, except one.

So for five days my two daughters have been waiting for this appointment along with myself and my husband. I drink my 32 oz of water and hold it for the hour... I get into registration and they hand me this paper that says "NO CHILDREN UNDER 10 Allowed" .... so this would mean DH and both our daughters could NOT come in the room at all. I was SO ANGRY again!

Why they couldn't have told me this over the phone is beyond me. So I tell her "but I brought both of my kids with me... " and she was like "Your kids are here?" Yes, that is how GOOD my kids are at any place that isn't home LOL

No one could even hear them! They just sit there quietly like the angels they are not!

So she tells me to just ask the tech since the kids are obviously good but another lady said they cannot make exceptions. Apparently the rule is new, only in place for the last few months after some tech's complained about unruly children.

WHATEVER! I canceled and walked out. No way I am letting my husband and my children miss the big US! I am also filing a formal complaint with the US tech supervisor and the office staff supervisor and asking that they implement a rule that they MUST disclose this information over the phone. I mean, we had to reschedule everything so that DH and the kids could be there -- also, what are single mom's supposed to do?

I called my old sonographer, he's about 45 miles away, and they will fit me in, I just have to talk to the scheduler in the morning and see what she can do for me. They even include a baby bonding session - it's a 60 minute US and it includes 3D/4D imaging, movie CD, and about 60 fetal photos and all children are welcome.

I should have just done it to begin with.

End of rant! LOL

On the other hand, I am happy I get to go back to the old sonographer. I loved using them before and they have much better equipment there anyways.

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Sorry you didn't get to see your baby today but I have a feeling you will have a MUCH better experience somewhere else! Hopefully they can get you in quickly!

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I am so sorry. That would have sent me over the edge. I'm glad you walked out and that they didn't get your business. I'd have probably complained about being on hold for 45 minutes as well while I told them off.

I'm glad you'll get to go back to your old place that feels like home. Sounds like it will be a great experience.

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Haha I really don't know why I didn't lose it. I think it's just because there were older folks around that were there for not so pleasant imaging. I think this baby is making me extra tactful LOL

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I fear the same thing happening next week for mine. They gave me a piece of paper that says what I need to do and who is allowed in the room, etc. It says no children allowed and only one other adult may come.

Problem for us is, the Marine Corps ball is the night before meaning most people will still be in Vegas and/or hung over from partying the night before. However while I was waiting at the pharmacy the one day I saw a couple with a child who was about 3 (she was very well behaved) who went in and came out with u/s pictures.

My kids are small. I'm really hoping they don't have a problem with it!

I'm glad you stood up to them. I would've been furious! Esp since your children we're being so good. When did you reschedule your appt for? Glad you get to go to that other place you really like. And also that's awesome you put in a complaint about them! That's such a stupid rule!

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Awl that is horrible I would have been highly upset and would have done the same thing as you. My ob's office doesn't allow children but my son has to go to my ob appts with me I have no choice. The nurses love him and spoil him everytime we go.

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Wow, that place really stinks!! What a horrible experience! They absolutely should have let your DH and kids in there with you since they neglected to tell you about the new policy!! How stupid of them to not mention that on the phone!

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wow that's crazy I'm sorry. I heard about problems with some places (although not with children) but when I called I specifically asked questions I was concerned about "can dh/ds come in" etc. I'd be pissed if I didn't ask something about one of their important policies and they didn't tell me

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Oh geeze, how disappointing!! I would've been beyond upset. I hate that you didn't get to see the babe today, but hope you can get in at the better place asap!

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I am also in the situation where the ultrasound people won't let children go in... I've scheduled the appointment when all my kids are at school or with their families, but I'm super disappointed that I won't be able to share this important day with my little ones!! But I guess at least I've been warned so won't end up with the horrible decision that you had... Glad you made the choice you did!!! They definitely should have warned you...


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Beee I would have been soooo ticked!!!