Prenatals and Nursing

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Prenatals and Nursing

How many of you are still taking prenatals and nursing? I'm switching insurance carriers at the end of August and am wondering how important they are to continue. Maybe I can find an over the counter subsitute?

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I've always continued taking my prenatals while nursing. You can get over the counter ones too. For all three of my boys I've used the Whole Foods brand.

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I try to remember to take them but I am usually forget. I do not find it makes a difference in nursering. I only use over the counter ones, Maternal or store brand.

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I've always just used a regular multivitamin and calcium from the first positive preg test, at least til I'm done nursing. I also make sure the multivitamin has plenty of folic acid.

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I take the prenatal vitamins until done nursing. My OB also recommends that, but you can use OTC prenatals. They don't have to be high dollar prescription ones. You could probably go to a regular multi-vitamin if you wanted to.

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I take generic cheapo women's multivitamins, calcium, and Vitamin D.

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IF I remember to take them I take regular ones because the ones from Naval backed me up horribly and I didn't know if they would have that effect on Desmond.

I actually used Gummy ones during pregnancy Smile But I prefer the OTC kind.

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Thanks so much everyone!! My doc put me on a pretty expensive prenatal. Since I just had a co-pay previously, it didn't really matter. I'm moving over to my company's health plan, which is a high deductible plan. Needless to say, I don't want to pay for expensive prenatal if I don't have to :/

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To be honest, I didn't even know that there were prenatals that weren't over the counter!! What is different about them than the OTC kind??


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I've used various OTC ones for the past 5.5 years. (I just never stopped taking them once DS1 stopped nursing.) I usually take the Target Up & Up brand, but I've tried several and had no problem with any of them.

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