Preparing for baby!

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Preparing for baby!

So this weekend we've been cleaning and getting rid of more stuff (ha ha we sure seem to get rid of stuff a lot!) DH ended up taking more of his clothes and hanging them in the closet so his dresser was freed up for DS...that means I shouldn't have to get another dresser! Hopefully. Although I went ahead and put his clothes in it and...only the 0-3 months fits! But then again his sleepers, which I usually hang, are also in a drawer. Then there's also blankets, hats, socks, and shoes in a drawer. So really his 0-3 months things only takes up one drawer (since one drawer is all sleepers). When we move I'll be hanging those sleepers!

Then I have picked out his take home outfit and first pics outfit (does anyone's hospital still do those? I doubt the ones one base do, but just in case!) I also packed a few blankets so depending on the weather he can be bundled nice and warm or just a light blanket!

I'm going to actually start packing packing my bag next month. WOW! So soon! With both my kids I had my bag packed by like 7 months just in case ha ha. Of course thing like toothbrush, hairbrush and my wear home clothes don't go in until we're leaving for the hospital.

Also my hospital has said that they try not to keep people over 24 hours of giving birth SOOO I don't have to stay too long (YAY!) They said if we choose to get DS circumcised then they do it 24 hours after he is born then monitor him for a few hours (probably 2-3) and then we can go home! I'm getting so excited and nervous!