Preparing DD's new bedroom and lots of transition for her.

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Preparing DD's new bedroom and lots of transition for her.

So we have cleaned out the spare bedroom which will become DD's new room. We are moving our queen size spare bed into the office, it will be a bit squishy but will fit. I hope to go to Ikea next week to buy a rug (the room have wood floors and can get cold in the winter) and maybe bed cover and then I can pick a colour to paint the room. I am looking at a nice grey rug and then painting the room grey and purple. I hope to have all this finished in January so that come February we can transition DD out of the crib and nursery and into her big girl bed.

Oh and hopefully toilet train her before then. She is in for alot of transition in the next few months, hopefully it will all work out. If not toilet training will get put off till summer because she needs to be out of the crib before this baby comes. I might try to paint the nursery after she moves out. I have never liked the yellow we painted it for DS but we will see how much energy I have left.

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I hope all those changes go by quickly for you! We have to wait until we move into a 3-bedroom place, before we start rearranging things. I tried to start toilet training DD1 right before DD2 was born (around 18 months.. maybe too soon), and she had been doing well, but then regressed when her sister was born. Hopefully yours will go more smoothly, since your LO is older!

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Just be careful when doing all these changes for DD. As Amanda said she may regress once your LO comes because it could be too much. Although all kids are different, so maybe she'll be real easy with everything!

DD1 was potty trained when we moved places and she began to kinda regress (plus DH, who is the only father she has ever known, went to boot camp). She more so held it so long she'd pee a little in her pants and not tell me so when it came time for me to get her to bed she reaked of urine and I felt horrible for her! She was between 3 and 4 at that time too!

But other than that, it sounds like a great plan! I can't wait to call housing on Tuesday to see where we are on the list for a new house. Then we get to see if we prepare to move or prepare to share a room with DS until we move ha.

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Hopefully all the transitions go smoothly, but as everyone says, each child is different and the smallest things can cause a set back, or a leap forward! Good luck!

My daughter moved to her new bed from her crib in one night and never looked back because she had seen Grandma sleep in it (it was a single not a toddler bed!!) and she decided that she could too!! We weren't even going to move her yet since she had never climbed out of a crib and wasn't quite 2, but when she decided she could do it, we went with it and it worked! Maybe the idea of being a big sister and getting a big bed will be a positive and lead to a very easy move out of the nursery.