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Pretty irritated

Okay I am going to rant a little because I want to get it off my chest before my husband comes home tonight (ha ha).

I have been sick since Sunday afternoon/evening. I am still trying to get over it. Well I began having diarrhea the other night. So my first thought was "Uh oh, if this keeps up I might get dehydrated". It's been a few days since the diarrhea started (but it only happens in the evening and happens off and on throughout the night) so I called yesterday to make an appt at the drs (military) and they said sorry there were no openings so I could go to the ER or try again later to try and get in for the next day (today). Then they said they'd have a nurse call me back that day for options and such.

No call. Today (about 1 1/2 hours ago) I finally got a call from the nurse. She asked if she was talking to Katie and I said yes she was. Then she begins talking to me, stops and goes "Wait, you're name's not Katie." and I told her yes it is. Then she goes "No, Katie's the name of your child...hmm what is your name...?" and I kept telling her no my name is Katie. Seriously?!

Anyway, she finally realizes I am Katie (gah!) and then begins asking how I'm feeling and I told her I've been sort of light headed today but I have been drinking plenty of water (that's all I've been drinking these past few days, other than a milkshake a day...ha cravings). Then she said that the diarrhea is a concern and that she's looking to see if they can fit me in for an appt today. Oh wait there's no openings! AGAIN! GAH! So she tells me my options are I can either go up to the drs and wait in the waiting area and HOPE they can squeeze me in or go to the ER because they don't want me going into the weekend like this. Oh and also this nurse had no idea what medicines I could take while pregnant. I thought all nurses were suppose to have a general idea.

I asked her if I were to go up and wait does she know how long it would be because I have my 2 year old with me and my husband is out in the field training the British who are here and odds of him getting off work were slim. Then the line went dead. Stupid dropped calls! Ha ha. Anyway, so I don't get another call back and I try calling back but only get VM. UGH! So I decided that I will try and get a hold of my husband and see if there's anyway he can come back home to take care of Lorelei while I go wait or go to the ER.

He miraculously picks up the phone and says he will ask but he doubts he can get off. About 5-10 minutes later he calls back saying that because his weapon is checked out there's no way he can get off work. That really got to me because I told him I most likely had to go to the ER for possibly being dehydrated and all they can say is oh sorry. UGH!

So now it's 1 PM and I still have yet to receive a call back and my older daughter gets out of school at 3:30 when I need to meet her at the bus stop. SO I am going to keep drinking my water, take a nap when my younger daughter does, and go to the ER when DH gets home so I don't have to drag the kids there and listen to them whine about being bored or screaming because I am on a bed and they can't be up there.

I would ask someone to watch Lorelei while I went, but the only one willing to (that Lorelei would also be okay with staying with) lives 30+ minutes away and she and her husband share a car (which he has at work). Oh how I just wish they would be considerate of families. And now I worry that if I go into labor and he's out in the field...what's gonna happen!!!

Okay, that's my rant. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest!

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Bananas, Rice, Apples and Toast.. eat that and besides water, get some gatorade or powerade or even juice. I like to mix it half and half with water.

Are you feeling light headed, shaky or feverish? I can't see there really being a reason to go to the ER unless you are. Is your mouth dry or lips cracked? then I'd definitely go. And if the diarrhea is only happening at certain times of the day and not like all day long, every time you eat, I also wouldn't worry.

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I've been real light headed all day long. Just walking for a little bit tires me out. I've been drinking water with some of that mix stuff...I think it's propel water. I have been eating fruits too (ha I just finished the apple my daughter didn't eat).

The only thing that feels better on me since this sickness began is my nose. It's not stuffy (knock on wood) but I don't have any energy now. I wish the sickness would end!

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Beee Military medical care can be such a pain! My first husband was in the Marines at 29 stumps.. then after we got married, he was in the Army out in the CA desert again. It was shocking to me, how much they recommend the ER for every little thing, if it's after hours or docs are booked. I am glad you're going in tonight no matter what, the light-headed stuff can be bad. I had similar problems when I was nursing my second DD, and I don't know how I was able to nurse still - I was so dehydrated they couldn't find a vein to give me IV fluids.

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Ha ha, that's where we're stationed. It sucks.

I've still been drinking a lot of fluids, but my mouth and throat have also been real dry lately (dunno if it's from being sick or because I'm dehydrated). I hate the ER so much though because they do it by how serious they think the situation it is. Last time I went in they put like 5 people in front of me even though I was cramping up badly and was told to go back to the ER if my symptoms returned, worsened, etc (I was bleeding the day before and feared a m/c). Another time my daughter fell from a chair and managed to stab a pen into her cheek and we had to wait TWO HOURS before they saw us (which took like 20 minutes). By that time there wasn't much they could do, but said if she didn't have such chubby cheeks the pen could've gone all the way through. Ha that was also the night I saw a lady take a pacifier out of her bra for her

But anyway, everything about this pregnancy is so different that I feel like I'm being paranoid about every little thing ha ha. But then again right now I'd rather be safe than sorry!

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oh no that sounds horrible Sad
What time will dh get home? Hope your wait isn't too long.

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Ah an update.

I went to the ER and they checked me out. They said they think it's just a stomach bug going around but were glad I came in to make sure everything was okay. They found the baby's heartbeat on the doppler or whatever it's called. 148. Healthy baby.

I am exhausted and going to lay down now.

Hopefully I can kick this sickness.

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One more reason why I LOVE Tricare Standard.

Ugh, I'm glad you are going to get some rest and hope you start feeling better ASAP.

I definitely understand how the military can be so cold-hearted when it comes to family issues. Different situation, but when DH was deployed to Iraq, he came home on mid-tour and I had DD. She was in NICU for a week, and once she got out he had to re-deploy the next day back to Iraq. His chain of command denied the Red Cross recommendation that he stay with us for at least 10 more days.

If I was closer, I'd help ya out!

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Hope you're feeling better today!

A banana a day (to help replace the mucous lost w/the diarrhea)
Coconut water to prevent dehydration, works better than Gatorade/Powerade and doesn't have any crappy ingredients. I just keep a bottle in the fridge at all times and it's safe for mom and baby.

I agree plain toast, and chicken soup and sip sip sip.

So sorry you had to deal with that idiotic nurse and that hubby couldn't come home. I think military wives should get medals! I could not deal with that at all.