Problems with my Daughter's Bus Driver

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Problems with my Daughter's Bus Driver

Okay this doesn't really have anything to do with pregnancy, but I need to rant about it ha ha.

Okay my daughter is a kindergartener. She really likes riding the bus, but the guy who drives in the afternoon is horrible! He is ALWAYS yelling at the kids (I can hear it when the bus is pulling up). He gets there between 3:40 and 4:10. And I've actually seen him take his stop sign that he has and beat the seat a kid was sitting in because the kid hadn't gotten up yet at his stop! He kept yelling at the kid "Is this your stop?! WHY aren't you standing then?!" It's a little irritating that the bus has a 30 minute window of when it gets there, esp when you're pregnant and/or have younger kids waiting with you for the bus. And this past week he has started a thing where he won't let the kindergarteners off the bus unless their parents are there (which is fine because I don't think kids that young should walk alone anyway). Well yesterday he got there at 3:40 (he usually get there 3:55 or 4:00) and my husband went out at 3:45 to meet our daughter (thinking the bus wouldn't be there until later) and saw the bus. So he hurried to get Isabelle and there's Isabelle sitting on the bus crying because of it and as soon as DH got to the bus (which literally is across the street from where the stop is) the driver turned to him and yelled "You need to get here earlier!" and went off on how we need to learn to get there earlier to get our kid. When DH walked in the door I could see how mad he was that the guy talked to him (and anyone else, esp the kids) like that.

So today I decided to call and complain because I was sick of this guy being a jerk. I called transportation and the lady seemed to not believe me that this guy is like that. My daughter has said that the driver is always yelling on the bus because of the older kids and said that he has turned the bus around when the kids wouldn't listen. Then lady immediately denied that he did that (how would she know!) and said that was someone else who did that. Then when I told her how rude he is and yells at the time she just seemed irritated that I called and said "she'd talk to him" but I could tell by her voice they're not going to do anything about it. This is just the beginning of the year! How is he going to be around the holidays and end of school?!

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it's a stressful job driving all those kids, esp elementary kids, but the way he talks to them...and then how he talks to the parents! The guy in the morning is wonderful! Although he only has the kindergarteners then, but he's always so nice to them and knows a lot of their names. But this guy...ugh I dunno it makes me mad!

Okay, I think I ranted enough. I still don't feel better about it, and when I called I tried to keep as much info as to where he could pick me or my kid out secret (other than I have a kindergartener who was held on the bus yesterday, but she wasn't the only one) and I even said it was me he yelled at yesterday and not my husband (I figured that'd give it away ha) so he doesn't try to be rude to Isabelle (she's a pretty quiet kid anyway, but you never know).

I'm just all worked up about it!

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My first child is in kindergarten too. That would SO infuriate me!! Personally, I would give it a few days, and if no changes are noticed, contact the superintendent, and let them know that you consider this abusive, and the transportation lady was pretty much acting like she didn't believe you. If your husband witnessed it and your daughter backs up what he was already suspecting, that lady should have shut her mouth & taken it seriously! That bus driver is NOT acceptable to be working with children. Unruly buses full of children do exist, but screaming, using violence, and then having an attitude with a parent... UGH I wouldn't accept anything other than an apology and a bus driver replacement (or him getting a permanent attitude adjustment if he wants to keep his job). Sorry --- this is getting me worked up too! lol

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Try to find out if there is a video camera on the bus. I know my district has one on EVERY bus, and the transportation department, as well as the principal of my school, is able to review video of incidents on the bus. We generally use it when there are student fighting or bullying incidents on the bus, but it has also been used to verify allegations against drivers or bus aides.

You could not pay me enough to be a bus driver these days, but if he is truly treating the kids and parents that way it is completely unacceptable. Good luck.

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I agree, I would go in and talk to the principal and file a formal complaint.