Qotd - 02/05/12

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Qotd - 02/05/12

Are you going to be watching the Superbowl tonight? Do you do anything for Superbowl Sunday (like a Superbowl party, tailgating, eat hot dogs etc.)?

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I will probably have it on as background noise. I'm only rooting for the Pats because my coworker's brother is on the team. Hubby actually went out fishing today. It's his birthday today and that is what he wanted to do!!! So I'm home straightening up, and baked him a cake. I will probably order in some good grub since he will prob be too tired to go out to dinner. All in all, a pretty laid back Superbowl Sunday!!

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DH was invited to go to a Superbowl party but declined because there was going to be a lot of drinking. So we are having left over ham tonight that I had made Friday (froze half of it for when DS gets here!) and I painted the girls' nails today since DD2 really wanted them done again. I get to go to Walmart today and pick up a few things and hopefully since it's Superbowl Sunday hardly anyone will be there (wishful thinking!)

Also we're not real big sports people anyway so even if DH had the game one I dunno if either of us would really know what was going on! (ha kidding, he would, I wouldn't!)

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We're going to a friend's house for a pot luck party. I'm bringing brownies. I'm sure my daughter will have a blast, since they have a fabulous play room and there will be tons of kids her age, most of whom she already knows. Looking forward to it!