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Qotd - 08/31

How did you meet your DH or SO? How long have you been together?

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Jamie and I first met in University when he was dating a friend of a friend. We did not know each other well but we knew who the other was. We then reconnected randomly through lava life online dating, after I Graduated. That was in November 2002 and we have been together ever since. We got married in July 2004. So together almost 9 yrs and marriage 7 yrs.

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Well.. I have been married for 12 days now.. LOL. We have known of each other through a distant relative of mine for probably 15 years now, but didn't really start talking until the beginning of this year. We decided we were romantically interested by Spring, and made solid plans by June. He lives in Idaho, and will until his lease is up in November Sad

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I met my husband, Tyler, through a mutual friend. My friend and I were at work and he came up to congratulate her on getting engaged and it was literally the whole "our eyes met across the room and we smiled at each other" thing.

That was Aug 2008. We kept looking at each other (even when I was selling stuff to customers haha) and we'd smile. Then after I rang up the sale and my friend was done her with sale (we worked at Sears Portrait Studios), she and I were talking and I turned to him and just started talking. Later he got my number from our friend and we started texting.

Sad part is, that I was already talking to another guy and blew him off (stupid me!) and then the hurricane hit (we were in TX so it was Ike) and he was the one I kept worrying about. We reconnected a month later when he came to work at Sears and on Oct 1 he grabbed me and kissed me in my car and we've been together since then!

We got married April 13, 2010 once he completed boot camp!

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I met Dan at a mutual friend's Halloween Party. I was dressed as Marie Antoinette and he didn't put much effort in to his costume at all (he was a raver). But, one look at those dimples and I was hooked. We were married almost 2 years to the day later, Oct 29, 2010 :cloud9:

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I met my DH in college when I was 19. We had a class together and also played on water polo teams that practiced at the same time. We've been together for 13 years at this point, married for 7 of them.

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We met through mutual friends in college when I was 18 and he was 20. There was instant chemistry (we had our first kiss the first night we met!) and we've been together ever since. Been together 9.5 years, married for 3.

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I met my DH when he moved into the apartment complex where I was living. We dated for 5.5 years before we got married on 7/7/07.

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I met Brad through my best friend. His mum was dating her dad lol....we've been together for 8 years and married for 4 years on september 23rd Smile

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My brother introduced my dh and I. He still says to this day he didnt think we would take it further than "just friends" haha Dh has been around my family for awhile here in Iowa. I tho didnt live here till 2007 so it was my first time meeting him. So we met in 07 Smile married 10 months later!! We have grown into adults together and he truely is an amazing father!!

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Ray was a senior in HS when I was a freshman. We knew each other through marching band and since my sis was older, I hung out with the older crowd. Nothing happened in HS (though we flirtted a lot). He graduated, went away to college, and the spring of his freshman year of college we met at a local party and he asked my friend if he could take me home that night. We've been together ever since....13 years together, 7 years married.

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MIL and my mom work together at the same doctor's office...have for YEARS. So mom invited the entire office to my graduation party. MIL couldn't make it because they were out of town but DH was staying home so she made him come to my graduation party and bring the gift. We ended up chatting a little bit but he was with a girl and my then boyfriend was there so not much happened.

After my graduation party I found out the DH coming to the party was actually a "set up" and the girl he was with was not someone he was dating. So when I wrote my "thank you" to DH's family at the bottom I wrote "J- It was so nice meeting you. We should hang out sometime. Give me a call 555-1345"

A month later he called and we went on our first date. That night I broke up with my then boyfriend and DH and I have been together ever since. It will be 10 years in July. We have been married for 6 years Smile

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The simple story is he is a dj and I iked to dance! Lol! We had both known each other since 2000 thbrough mutual friends. We were both dating a&^%holes and both got screwed over by cheating partners about the same time. So we both needed a roomate to help pay bills our mutual friends suggested we become roomates so we started hanging out to get to know eachother better and we actually started dating before he moved in...so we've been togetgher since summer of 2002, got married 2006. Smile