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QOTD- 09/15

What would you do if you won One Million dollars?

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We would pay off our house and property. Then we would have enough to save more for retirement, buy a new vehicle and go on a vacation. Then the money would be gone but we would not have a mortage, so that would leave us a lot better off.

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Would probably cut our losses on our current house trying to sell and buy a new one. Maybe buy a few play things...camera equipment for me, Jeep stuff for DH. I'm definately a saver, so I would put most of what remained after house into savings.

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Pay off the house, give $100k to our church, pay off my parent's house, invest the rest.

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Get a new house, put $40K in college savings for each kid (so they'll be set), take the kids to Disney World, put money into retirement, start a "travel" savings fund, and invest what's left.

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Give $100,000 to our church
Buy a bigger house and car
Set up a college funds for our kids and my nephews
Go on a really awesome tropical vacation with my DH
Put some in savings
Invest the rest

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Hmm...first I think DH would get kicked out of the Marines for having that much money ha ha. Then I would get another car for us, buy a house in OR where we wanna live, put some into savings, travel to different places, take a vacation to HI (my older daughter wants to go there), and I don't know what else. I would say set up college accounts for the kids but my gparents did that last year (my grandpa retired after selling his company for a lot of money) plus I already have accounts for the girls that they can start adding to once they get jobs.

I know DH would buy more paintball stuff since that's his hobby. I might buy some books ha ha. I guess my main thing would by knowing I have that money so I don't have to really worry about not having enough anymore. Oh and if we had that much I'm sure I could convince DH to have a 4th kid! HA HA!

I'm not much of a spender so I really don't know what I would do with all that money.

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Pay off school loans and credit cards. Buy a house, buy a second car. Um, pay off medical bills. And then I would like to put enough away for both kids college tuition.

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Pay off our all our debt. House, car, student loans and then put the rest in savings.

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I would pay off the $50,000+ in student loans I will have by the end of next year, pay for state medical billing certification, trade in my small car, hire a weekly maid service, put away $100,000 for kids education (We now have 4 to support, including my new stepson), share with deserving family members, donate a chunk to my church & a few charitable community causes... I can think of a ton of things.

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So many things to do.

500k per each kid for school. They might want to be doctors! If not, they have a good starting nest egg.
Pay off the house and move my parents up to us to live in it. We'd buy a new house Wink
Pay off student loans.
Pay off hubs' parents' houses.
New car. My cavalier isn't cutting it.

And I'd have another 3 kids! Blum 3

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