QOTD- 10/17

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QOTD- 10/17

How many children do you have (including this one)? And How many do you think you want all together?

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This is our number 3, and we are done after this. I always wanted 4 because I like even numbers but I do not think I really want to be pregnant again plus DH would have been done after 2, so 3 is our compromise.

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This is #3 and DH says we're done...I'm hoping to get another out of him though.

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#4 and we're done

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This is #6 and we're just leaving it up to God, if he blesses us with more, we'd be thrilled!

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This will be our #2. We both initially said we wanted at least 4, but then DH went to a "let's just see how 1 goes" mentality. After DD was born though, we immediately knew she needed a sibling. Now I'm the one who's kinda feeling like maybe 2 is enough, but DH (though leaving it up to me) would be happy to just keep having more. I'm on the fence, but not willing to get my tubes tied yet and I don't do well on hormonal BC. We'll see how I feel after this one is in my arms, but I think it'll be a longer span between this one and #3.

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"Dixiemom1st" wrote:

This is our number 3, and we are done after this. I always wanted 4 because I like even numbers

So I'm not the only one! Ha ha. I have a weird thing with even numbers too! I always wanted either 2 or 4. Since we had DD2 I wanted to try for 2 boys (not saying I would get them, but try!) and DH said no his sanity can only handle 3 ha ha. That's probably because as soon as he walks in the door the kids are all over him. He has a hard time just trying to go to the bathroom when he walks in ha! It's cute though.

But to answer your question, this is my 3rd child and we're supposedly done after thing. If I could convince him to have a #4 I would. I keep telling him we'll discuss it later ha ha. He says no.

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This is #3 and last for us. Sad I would probably have another, but DH says no more. I don't do pregnancy well and this will be my third c/s, so I know its probably for the best. Although, if this one is another boy, DH is going to have a REALLY hard time talking me into a tubal. DH has said before that he is open to adopting a 4th (whether this one is a boy or girl), so if that still stands, I will probably go ahead with the tubal, no problem.

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This is my third, and my first from this marriage (wow, it feels weird saying I've gotten married more than once, for some reason). Anyway, I also have a stepson that we will have for school breaks and the summer. I see a minivan in my near future Sad HAHA! I'm going from a small 4-seat sporty car, to a minivan. We've been discussing how this is the last one, and now my DH is "joking/hinting" at wanting ANOTHER child. Considering that I'm a full time student until next December at least, and he'll have to find a job once he relocates here, I can't even begin to entertain that idea. So, I guess I really have NO idea at all!

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I currently have 3 and this will make 4 and 5, I am definitely done after these two.

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This is numero dos for us. My husband would be HAPPY to call it quits after this, but I've always wanted 3. Truthfully, as much as I do want 3, it freaks me out a bit to think about it. So I'll say that we're going for 3, but I may change my mind when we see how #2 goes!

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This is #2 and we're done...unless we come into money and even then I think we're done. I took longer than originally "planned" before trying for this one just b/c I was enjoying ds so much I didn't want to change it

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This is #3 for us and our last. I have always wanted three kids, close together in age and before I turned 30. Check! Check! Check! Wink

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This is "our" second!! I say "Our" because DH has three other boys besides the one we have together. Ive always wanted 4 kids. Ds was such an easy baby and he is a pretty good toddler, tho these terrible twos have got me second guessing!! I guess we will see how i can handle a second Full time Blum 3 I tho think if its another boy we will try again in a few years. I want my girl Blum 3

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This is #3 for us and I'm not totally sure that its our last. If #4 came along we would be happy.

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This is our 2nd child. We may or may not have more if it is a girl, but definitely having more if we end up having another boy.

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This is #3 and I think we are done.

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This is #2 for us and then we are definitely done. I'll be having the Essure procedure done at some point because DH is too chicken to get a vasectomy.