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QOTD 11-10 Thurs

Are you nesting yet? If yes, what have you done to get ready? If not, have you noticed anything you need to do to get ready or have plans to do anything soon?

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Yes and no. I'm going through small phases. I haven't been as crazy cleaning yet, but I know I will be soon. The other week though I tore through the majority of the toys to get rid of a lot. We just finished getting rid of most of it last week. And by get rid of I mean donate it to the thrift shop on base. It was nice going up there earlier in the week and then coming back a few days later to see most of the stuff we donated was already gone (all the toys! Some of the barely worn shoes were still there and a few stuffed animals). It makes me feel good to know that the toys my kids never played with went to new homes!

I have been planning on what I'm going to start doing come March (since I'm due April 1 I may go early...DD2 came 2 1/2 weeks early and DD1 came right on time). I also need to figure out what to do with the kids when I go into labor.

I need to get DH to clean our room again (I've cleaned it numerous times and then he throws things everywhere ha ha). I also need to clean the girls' rooms again too. Ugh I feel like there's so much to do but since the holidays are here I really don't wanna do it! Ha ha. I'm hoping my nesting doesn't occur around the holidays because I'll drive everyone crazy.

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We have so much to do. Our basement needs a full overhaul before we can do anything upstairs. The guest room is being moved down to the basement and then becoming the new nursery.

Crazy times ahead. Only 19 weeks left for hubs and I to do it. Seems like it's happening TOO fast!

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I think I'll probably start nesting once I find out the sex. Baby will either be sleeping with DD or DS depending on if it's a boy or a girl. SOOOO...I can't really do much until we know. (ok I take that back...baby will be sleeping in the pack n play for the first few months but that's not really much to do)

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Nah, no nesting yet. We're planning to rent out our home and buy a new house pretty soon, so I can start my nesting once we get settled in our new place. Probably won't be til after the new year. Regardless, I haven't felt the urge to do any nesting yet anyway! I'm sure finding out the gender will help speed that urge along though!

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I say not really but DH says yes. DS2's current room, that baby room, is also our office but is totally unusable as an office since he is sleeping during all the times we would use it. Anyway, this weekend I demanded that we finally move the book shelves and file closets out so that there would be less clutter and more room. Its needed to be done for some time IMO but we just never have had time. So much better now. New LO will start using it more at 6 months and DS2 will be in there until then.

Other than that I noticed I really need to wash our infant bucket seat. DS2 is also still using that so I'll do that in the next few months. Done beyond that! Helps that all our baby stuff is still in current use.

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I would say I have phases of nesting. The only thing I have really done though is clean out the cabinets where my bottles, breast pump and that sort of thing are.

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I kinda go through phases with nesting. Sometimes I really get into cleaning every little crevice and corner, and other times I don't feel like cleaning at all.

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Not yet. I'm in the process of renovating the wardrobe in DD's room.

My GF's DD has borrowed the bassinet for her baby during the year and it's still at their place. They will bring it over on their next trip along with the boy baby clothes she has (if our baby is a boy that is).

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No nesting yet, I can not really say I did a lot of nesting with my other two either. Just regular getting ready for baby. Preparing rooms, clothes etc. But now DH is talking about a major renovation in our house, I mean huge. Moving the kitchen, knocking out walls and so on. So now I have to get ready for that as well. He is not allowed to start till June but there will be a lot of prep that has to go into it, so that will be my nesting.