QOTD- 6/27

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QOTD- 6/27

Now that school is out for summer, does anyone have any summer vacation plans?

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Summer holds nothing different for us, sadly. No vacation this year since I depleted all my time for maternity leave. boo!

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We have 3 camping trips planned, 2 long weekends and 1 full week. Very much looking forward to them. Other then that it will be about trying to stay sane with all 3 kids home. I will be very much looking forward to September when Coleson goes to school full time and Sarah will be in nursery school part time.

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I don't really have any plans. DH gets to take leave starting Friday so I'm pretty excited about that. We've discussed maybe going to the beach, but I dunno. It'd be a 3-4 hour drive and I'm not sure I want to drive that far yet with Desmond.

Saturday we're doing pictures and the next weekend is our garage sale and then his leave will be up so...lol. We definitely need to get the kids out more Smile

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We're too poor. It'll likely be years before we get any kind of vacation.

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We don't have anything "exciting," per se... but today is my 30th birthday, July 8 is DHs 30th birthday, and July 11 he is having shoulder surgery. Then, the kids have soccer camp the third week of July and vacation bible school the following week. I just completed my associates degree a few weeks ago, and I'm continuing with part-time classes toward my bachelors degree. Some time in August, we are also trying to plan a camping trip with my dad and step mom. So... a lot of busy, but nothing super fun..

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Happy Birthday!!

My girls, husband and I are heading to Toronto for the Assembly of First Nations elections in July.. that is the biggest excitement for the summer... after that we are going to be living on a tight budget since he just found out yesterday that he is laid off as of the day we fly... crappy.. but he is already looking at other job postings, so fingers crossed.. Otherwise, it is me and the four kids hitting the parks, beach, etc for the summer!!