QOTD - 8/10

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QOTD - 8/10

Do you get along with your ILs?

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Yeah, we get along. My MIL is a little on the strange side, but other than that we're good Smile

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Yes. My in-law's are divorced, and FIL has remarried. His wife is pretty odd. We get along just fine, but don't have a particularly close relationship with her. Get along great with FIL. My MIL and I get along great (which is a good thing, cuz we spend a lot of time together!) but she can certainly drive me crazy. There have been some rough times where I've been just about ready to kill her, but I think we're in a good place now. Part of that is related to the fact that she has been an enormous support for me in helping out with our daughter. My husband is out of town 4-7 days a week, home for 2-3, so I live a single mom lifestyle for much of the time. I don't know how I'd do it without my MIL's help. She really loves that kid and she's GREAT with her. I'm very lucky!

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I get along great with my FIL. My MIL is a bit batsh*t crazy. (They are divorced.)

I'm sure I'll be complaining about her quite often. Sadness I know!

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I get along great with my mil. She is crazy but we get along! She is also a huge help with the kids, the only babysitter we have!!

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Totally get along with FIL and Step MIL. They are awesome. MIL however....she's just awkward and not easy to get along with. She's also the type to tell you how to parent but she'll do it through DS not directly to my face. UGH