QOTD - 8/11

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QOTD - 8/11


New Question - now that you're pregnant, what do you miss the most? If not pregnant yet, what do you think you'll miss the most?

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I miss caffeine! So much! I used to guzzle diet Dr. Pepper like crazy and I cut artificial sweetners out of my life so I switched to coffee but I miss both like crazy!

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I miss my morning coffee (I still have 1/2 caff every once in a while, but lately it doesn't sound good) & wine!

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Heh - my peace of mind. My nerves are shot with anxiety!!

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So far, nothing. Everything is still too new and early for me to grasp having to miss anything.. yet. Blum 3

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I miss Diet Dr. Pepper too!! Now it's water water water. I'm so tired of water I could scream!!

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I'm not preg yet but with my other 2 pregnancies I missed sleep. for whatever reason I do not sleep well when pregnant! Maybe it's a good thing for getting pregnant this time that my 17 month old still isn't sttn!!!!

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Well I already miss sushi, wine, and my morning cup of coffee. But as for things I will miss as things progress: sleeping on my stomach, sleeping through the night (friggin' bladder!), and having energy that lasts me past 10am! Smile

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My glass of wine a couple times a week. That I do miss. Wink

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I miss my energy! From the time I wake up til the time I go to bed I am EXHAUSTED!

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Oh yes, caffiene!! I did buy a very yummy decaf though to "trick" my mind into thinking I'm getting the real thing. Also, I good nights' sleep. DS is such a good sleeper but I have been tossing and turning. DS has nothing to do with me waking up every couple of hours...it's all me! I do miss sushi....and wine. We are going on vacation with another couple this weekend and we were totally looking forward to having a couple glasses.....not anymore!!