QOTD - 8/12

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QOTD - 8/12

Will you have one splurge item for this baby?

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When I get that BFP it will be baby #3 and since we already have one of each and everything that goes along with them there probably won't be a splurge item. Although I would really love a new carrier so that might be in the cards!

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No splurge to begin with that I can think of. We have major everything from #1 anyway. We don't plan on finding out the sex, but if it's a girl, we may splurge on a new car seat / stroller combo. Smile

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Hmmm, good question lol. I haven't thought about one item I will splurge on yet! I'll have to take a look.

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For me it will be a double stroller. We have everything else from DS and everything was pretty gender neutral. Everything was green/biege and the single stroller carseat orange/biege. We do, however need a new swing as well. Yup, double stroller and swing will be it!

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It will be a double stroller for us too & new cloth dipes, I feel like a dork cause I'm so excied for both!:)

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Not sure of our splurge since it will be baby #3 for us. If it's a girl, of course I will have to buy some pretty clothes and pink things since everything we have now is blue and all boy Smile For #2 our big splurge was a double BOB...we LOVE that thing!!

Otherwise, we might be looking to splurge on a new car, new house, or (gulp) both since we'll be outgrowing everything sooner than anticipated Wink

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I was going to say no since we have everything under the sun from the other 2.
But I will be getting a double BOB for sure since ds2 will still be little and our single just won't work.

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Hmm.... well, we won't need a double stroller since Piper hardly uses the stroller anymore. (Only in really crowded situations). It won't be too big of a splurge, but the big thing I plan to buy is a new diaper bag. I don't need some fancy designer thing, but I definitely want something cute that will fit my needs. I threw away Piper's diaper bag when we were done with it because after all that use it was just GROSS. I'm pretty sure it had a disease.
And, of course, if it's a boy, then we'll need boy clothes!! Smile

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Nothing I can think of at the moment but I am sure something will come up!! I wouldn't mind a new diaper bag even though we don 't really need it.

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I want a new pack n play or bassenette but I'm guessing it'll be a pack n play Wink

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Well now that I think of it, most likely a new pack n play, stroller, and clothes too. We got rid of all things baby after my son. Well actually donated and gave them to family and friends. I'm not sure why we got rid of everything though, especially since we want more kids, but it was kind of on a whim since we ended up moving and wanted to de-clutter.