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QOTD 8/23

Do you have any pets? What are they and what are their names?

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No pets. Not an animal fan and allergic to most.

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We have 3 dogs!

Indy shi-tzu mix, 6 years old
Wyatt chocolate lab, 4 years old
Duke yellow lab, 8 months old

In my classroom I have a bunny named Val. She was Lexi's Easter present when she was one but with the dogs in the house we decided she would be better off at school ROFL

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Two kitties, Dewey and Oscar. They are the bestest of friends and are FINALLY warming up to Rylee. Though, Oscar is a bit more welcoming than Dewey. Oh are they going to be in for a treat in April...let the hatered begin again!

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We have one dog, Max. He is half chihuahua and half dachshund. I call him a chiweenie dog. lol

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A cat (Rufus), a hamster (Strella), a bunny (Cuca), 2 water turtles (Marina & Juliette) and a land turtle (Verdet)

But we actually only bought the hamster and the bunny the rest just showed up at our house and decided to stay!

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A tri color corgi mix named Buddy and a full corgi named Sissy. This pic a little old. Sissy (the red one) is bigger now.

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We have 2 Weimaraners - they are both big, even for the breed. We call them our horses. DS1 sometimes tries to ride them (they are not amused). They are both 4, Daisy we got at 6 weeks old and Beamer we rescued when he was about 4 months old. They are crazy and sweet and big motivators to get out and run Smile

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No pets here, DH would love a dog but I know I would be the one doing all the work so I said when we get a fence we can get a dog. I can say this because it will be a long time before he gets around to putting up a fence.

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We have two animals, a dog and a cat.

Our dog, Hazel, is just about 1 1/2 years old and she is a lab, pit, chow mix (they say). She is brown and black, and kind of looks like a tiger! We got her at a shelter when her family abandoned her overnight. We think she may have been abused because she was real skittish when we first got her and any yelling makes her real uptight where she will sometimes pee. Gah! However, we knew she was the one for us because as soon as we got into the area to see her, she came up to my husband and I and just rubbed on us like she was trying to hug us. She has always been real good and patient with the kids, so we got lucky I think.

Our cat, Bob, is about 4 years old and he is an orange and white manx cat (no tail!). He is also declawed. We got him at a shelter after he was turned in (don't know if he was found or the owners couldn't care for him anymore) and he was shy at first, but he came out of his shell and he is very tolerable to my younger daughter. She likes to "love" on him, where she will just lay on him. He is a sweet boy, but he is kind of evil too. He is very picky about his litterbox and if he thinks it's "too dirty" he will go on the floor! He also weighs almost 16 lbs ha ha!

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No pets here. We live in a condo downtown, which means the only way a dog could go to the bathroom is if I put it on a leash and walked it to a grassy area a few blocks away. Um, no thanks. Especially not with a little one at home. I'm sure someday when we live in a house with a fenced in yard we'll get a dog. I'd love a cat, but my husband is allergic so that kind of settles that.

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We have a 3 legged cat named Bella and a chinchilla named Gomez. The chinchilla was a default pet when DS1 begged for a dog.

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We have a cat named Fluffernutter.

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Fluffernutter?? LOL That's hilarious!

Great thread!

We have two dogs, both aged 3 - a Leonberger named Cody and a wire haired Irish Terrier named Thelma.

We also have 2 sugar gliders (Zan and Dargo), 2 Birds (Quico and Loki), 2 Goldfish (Goldie and Fish) and a hamster named Zetti.

My cat passed away last month of old age. His name was Pookie and he was 17 Sad But he had a good healthy long life. (Vet said average lifespan for him was only 9!)

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We have a zoo! I have two dogs; Phoenix is a 7 year old pit/basenji mix and Charlie is a chihauhua mix about the same age. We also have two cats; Piper and Link. Both are about 4. I have a horse, a 17 year old Morgan mare named Gracie, and finally I have a 6 month old goat named Flash! We have 7.5 acres, so plenty of room for everybody! I love it! My poor DH wasn't an animal person at all before me and only had a hampster. He's adjusted to the chaos pretty well!

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We have 1 dog, Petey. He is a long-haired chihuahua. He was our first "child" and is still like one of our children! He is absolutely spoiled rotten!

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Yep we have pets Smile

Let me just state we live on 50 acres....

We have 3 ponies Bella (5), Carisma (18), and Fudge Marble Cake (3)

6 doggies- 3 Shih Tzu's Maggie (3) Oaklet (3) and Oreo (3) 2 rescues... very small puppies (3-4 months) one female and one male we think shih tzu/chihuahua but looks like wire hair terriers, we have one more dog that was born Dec 21st last year, and I bottle fed him from day one. He is a 40 lb goober that thinks he isn't a dog. He is my son's dog and they are best friends.

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I wish I had acres and acres of land so I too could have ponies lol! I'm so jealous Smile My oldest daughter and I are both pet crazy. My husband used to only like cats Hahahaha He loves all animals now too though, we've converted him!

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"PsycheGal" wrote:

I wish I had acres and acres of land so I too could have ponies lol! I'm so jealous Smile My oldest daughter and I are both pet crazy. My husband used to only like cats Hahahaha He loves all animals now too though, we've converted him!

My husband is a "I Don't Like Pets , but if no one is around...."

I use to ride when I was a younger I don't any longer but the Marble is going to my horse as soon as this baby is born and I get back to ideal weight. He is my love. The other 2 are my daughters and she rides hunter/jumpers. She is a great little rider.