QOTD - 8/4

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QOTD - 8/4

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

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oh man. the choices!

cookies and cream.


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Sweet cream with strawberries and walnuts from Marble Slab!! Mmm....I really want ice cream now!

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I don't think I've ever had a bad one! lol Hard to pic a favorite but........I have to go with Strawberry Cheescake. I had boysenberry cheesecake ice cream recently and it was delish too. I guess any fruit and cheesecake combo is my fav!!

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Colossal caramel cheesecake. They have it at a local ice cream place, Cool licks. It is awesome.

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Oh man, I love me some cookies and cream!

Strawberry cheesecake sounds really awesome too....mmm!

Cool Licks is a really cute name for a ice cream joint!

Oh gosh, now I have to have some ice cream....I'm so getting some tonight! haha!

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I totally forgot about cheesecake flavor!

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Haagen Daas Mint Chocolate Chip! I like that it is natural mint and not green from artificial coloring!

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Ben and Jerrys Chunky Monkey Ice Cream!! Mmmm if ypu love bananas walnuts and chocolate u will fall in love INSTANTLY!!!

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Chocolate peanut butter! Smile

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Cookies and cream!! But only the good stuff. No generic Oreos.

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maple walnut.

sweet, nutty, Canadian. Did I mention tasty also? Smile

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Ben and Jerry's Oatmeal Cookie or Ben and Jerry's pumpkin pie cheesecake

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I know this is yesterday's question. But, my favorite is just plain old chocolate ice cream. NEVER gets old Smile