QOTD - 8/5

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QOTD - 8/5

Any special weekend plans?

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We don't have any special plans yet. My hubby is a workaholic so we don't get out much! Wink

We are going to check out the progress of my MIL's house construction again. My BIL, his wife and 2 daughters will be there as well. We haven't seen them in 10 months so it'll be fun to catch up. It'll be really hard not to spill the beans about our little miracles! Biggrin

I really want to go hiking but it's so dang hot that I'm afraid I'll get a heat stroke or something. I can't wait until it starts to cool off here in Texas!

I also have a lot of laundry to do....~sigh~

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I have to work tomorrow. Boo!

Then probably have to get some cleaning done and a lot of purging. I want to get it done before I get too big to want / care to do that kind of work lol

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We are going camping!!! I am very excited, DH is always very busy at work so it will be great to get away.

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DF works tomorrow so nothing exciting there.....Sunday we are having brunch with my old college roomate and then I work the rest of the day. This weekend is going to be bitter sweet.

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Weekends don't exist in our world. ROFL DH works 7 days a week so every day is the same around here. Plus DS has a cold so we are not getting much sleep and he is pretty cranky.

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Well Saturday and Sunday mornings i meet my personal trainer then sat night we celebrate my friends bday ..
Jina when do you plan to tell everyone the good news

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Tomorrow we will be heading to mil's because there is a big classic car show in her town this weekend. DH is a huge car buff....me, not so much but I still tag along with the monkeys!!! Sunday I am heading to the NKOTBSB concert with mil and my oldest neice!!!

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We are going out to dinner with some friends on Saturday and then they are coming over so the kids can play.

Sunday will be a whole lot of nothing. Smile

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No special plans, just Evie play outside as much as possible.

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We are going back packing with the family! My hubby's parents and sister are going too.

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