QOTD - 8/8

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QOTD - 8/8

What had been your "go to" nail polish color this summer? Biggrin

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I do a different color about every week. My daughter usually picks our colors out. I do it myself though.

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I don't polish my nails, except for special occasions. I do keep my daughter's toes done though and they have been orange for most of the summer!

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Clear. So boring, I know. lol

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Ok so this is actually kinda funny........

I never paint my toenails (not the funny part). But as we moved this summer I came across some nail polish that I hadn't even opened yet. So when DS was in the bath I decided I would paint them. Well, one foot in of painting my toes, DS decides he has to get out of the bath and NOW. So I was just going to go back later after I got him dressed for bed and paint the other foot. Well, I never remembered and still, to this day, have only ONE foot with painted toe nails.

But to answer the question.......Shimmery Orange...on one foot.:ROFL:

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Erin, that is too funny! Lol

I've been wearing Essie Watermelon for months now....I guess it's time for a change?

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Jina i love Essieee!!!

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hot pink! It's always my go to color in the summer.

speaking of I need to get a mani/pedi soon

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Well....I still haven't got a pedicure yet, altho I really want one before summer is out. Just been sick/busy/tired/lazy to get a pedicure, and I've been wearing sandals all summer - yikes!!

I have a gift card to a day spa, hope to get a pedicure there very soon!

Oh yes - usually I don't pick a colour until I get there and see what polish is available. Colours picked the past have been peach, pink (various shades), deep red (for xmas one year - loved it!).

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"yipeeladybug" wrote:

I have a gift card to a day spa, hope to get a pedicure there very soon!

Um...yeah! What are you waiting for?! lol