QOTD - Thanksgiving Day!

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QOTD - Thanksgiving Day!

It's actually 3 questions. 1. What is your favorite Thanksgiving day dish? 2. What is your favorite left over? 3. Do you have anything special in your family that maybe is not traditionally a Thanksgiving dish?

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Rolls Rolls Rolls lol.

We love the hot rolls!!! And I dunno about non traditional sides. I am trying a few new ones this year - red onions and pears, a corn one, and carrot spoon bread.

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2. Turkey is my fav leftover.
3. Not really. We stay pretty traditional. For dessert we have something called Lush instead of Pumpkin or Pecan Pie.

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My favourite thanksgiving dish is a mashed potatoe with mushroom and cheese dish.. so yummy and brussel sprouts and sweet potatos... My favourite leftovers is making turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce sandwiches!! Love having left over turkey, always makes lots of leftover quick meals. I try to buy the biggest turkey I can find that will fit in the oven so that we have as much left over as possible! As for untraditional, probably the tradition of using mashed potatos to make potato pancakes the morning after Thanksgiving??