QOTD - Wednesday 5/30

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QOTD - Wednesday 5/30

Is there something that you do to make yourself feel good/sexy? Do you feel sexy lately after having just had a baby?

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So far, the only time I've really felt good about myself is when I was beginning to finish getting the house in order after we moved (lol we still have 4 boxes in the garage that need to be gone through) but I got a box to go through that had giant roaches living in it so I freaked out, threw it back into the garage and haven't done that since...And then Monday I actually began doing all the laundry I have to fold and cleaning and stuff...then that night I worked out. I've been wearing a belly wrap thing that's suppose to help shrink the fat and excess skin in the area (we'll see if it works) but I just feel worse since I don't have DH around to reassure me he's still attracted to me and loves me.
As for feeling sexy...lol it really only happens when I think about doing something or wearing something for DH but then when the time comes for it...I feel all gross and almost cry (have cried a few times!) I think a lot of it is more because of the PPD the dr says I have.
However, I did order a DVD from Amazon that has exercises for the midsection and has awesome reviews and I got a workout wheel thing. So that should come today or tomorrow. We will see how it goes! I think I'll feel better once my tummy flab isn't as noticeable...after 3 kids it sure is taking longer than I remember lol.

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I do make sure I shower, do my hair, and put on a bit of make up every day. Can't say it makes me feel especially sexy, but at least I'm making 'some' effort!
I shaved my legs two weeks ago... Does that count? Wink
I've been going to a postnatal exercise class and doing Nordic walking wih Ella. Always feel good after that!

So, a few things to feel good... But sexy? God no... And I don't think DH thinks so either... Perhaps this is TMI but we haven't Done anything beyond a cuddle since about Christmas... Sad, but true...

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I can't say I have felt very sexy, but I do feel good after I work out. I have started a couch to 5k program, Iam only on week 1 run #2 but it feels good to be doing something for myself. I know DH is happy I am no longer pregnant but he is still a bit weired out by the whole BFing thing, just does not find it very attractive but completely agrees it is the best thing for Emma. I won't do too much dieting until after we are done BFing becuase it really effects my milk supply.

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don't feel sexy but feel better after full shower clean-up (rather than just quick hair/body soap)

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Don't feel sexy but a shower, hair combed, & eye shadow do me wonders.
DH thinks I've still got it though, he was commenting on my nursing PJ's lasr night that he got me. They are very boob flattering :roll: At least he makes me feel sexy even if I feel blah.

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Feeling sexy? eh... not so much. I hate having the belly sag after c-sections... It just never moves back to where it belongs entirely. Beee At least I'm grateful that my husband eyeballs me all the time. After infidelity in my first marriage, it is reassuring that I know DH is faithful, and does find me sexy. Smile