Quad screen!

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Quad screen!

I had one done at my last appointment. They called me yesterday to let me know it all came back normal. Im not really that educated on what a quad screen means. I should have asked me questions. Did any of you ladies have on done? At my next appt i will ask the more tho!

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I did not have the quad screen done, as it is just extra expense for the test and worry if it came back abnormal.

Basically it is a test to see if the mother can carry genetic abnormalities such as Down's syndrom, spina bifida etc. However; many ppl that come up with positives can have healthy babies. As it is screening and not a diagnostic test to me it would only help you plan for the possibility of a special needs child.

Hope that helps.

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I didn't have it done either, more so because I didn't want to have to get poked more ha ha. That was right after they had taken 12 vials at the ER so I wasn't in a "giving" mood haha. But it's suppose to test if you may possibly have a special needs child. There have been a lot of false positives and the dr warned us about that when we were given the option.

However, I also didn't feel a need for it because I have two healthy children. And it wouldn't make me love the baby any less and I wouldn't ever abort (I believe that is what part of the testing is for...if there's a chance for an unhealthy child you can end the pregnancy). I did have the testing done for my first daughter and everything came back normal. I believe I had it done with my 2nd because of my husband's family history (although there's less a chance because it's a half sibling).

My husband's half brother has a daughter that is special needs (so his niece). She is missing a chromosome (I think that's what's wrong) and from the time she was real little (like 3-4 probably) he helped raise her while her parents worked or decided they didn't want to come home (that happened a lot) so if we ended up with a special needs child, I know he would have the patience and knowledge of how to take care of her/him. (She can't walk, talk, has to be on like 6 different medications, can't digest a lot of foods, has to wear diapers, and even has a medication to help her urinate...if she doesn't get all her medication she gets real sick)

I'll admit, there's a slight worry, but nothing I couldn't handle.

Anyway, sorry for the long post! Glad your tests came back normal!