Question about symptoms

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Question about symptoms

I'm 10 dpo today, I had a dip in my bbt on 8dpo but it's gone back up these last 2 days. My boobs are getting more sore by the day and I have an almost constant cramp (kinda like how a sore muscle feels after a hard workout) in my woohoo area. Today I tested still got a bfn, but I've been feeling really moist down there. Felt a couple of tugs from my ovaries today. I kept going to the restroom cuz I swore that AF had shown up but nothing.
What do you all think? The thing that gets me the most is that moist feeling, I saw little tiny amounts of watery cm when I wiped a couple of times today. I'm not going to test again until wed. Do any of my symptoms sound like what you ladies who already have bfps had?

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Sounds possible!! Hopefully you get your BFP on Wednesday!!