Quick Update before I head out the door

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Quick Update before I head out the door

Had my glucose test yesterday. I BARELY FAILED. NNNNOOOOOO!!!! So that means I get to take the 3 ours. Bleck. Oh well.

I got my rhogam shot today too. Fun stuff.

Oh and because since last night, off and on, I've been having a lot of contractions, and a lot more painful ones this morning I get to go to L&D to get checked for preterm labor. I don't think anything is wrong, but it's better safe than sorry! After I get DD1 off to school I need to pack a bag for DD2 to keep her occupied and hope that DH can get out of his classes to come with me while they monitor our LO.

I'm hoping everything checks out fine!

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I hope everything turns out okay!! KUP!

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I hope everything checks out fine. Too bad about your glucose test. About 48 hrs before your 3 hr test start eating less easy carbs ( white pasta, white bread, sugar, candy etc). And eat mote complex carbs (whole wheat carbs etc), lots of veggies and protein. Then right before you start fasting eat some good protein. That helps control your fasting glucose level. Hopefully you pass.

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Bummer about the test.
Hope everything checks out fine today. KUP

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Ugh, that sucks about the glucose test, but I bet you pass the 3 hour one. KUP on how everything turns out at L&D.

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Gah well I was up at L&D ALL day long! Talk about a waste of a day lol.

I'm dilated 1 cm already and they were worried about me possibly dilating more so they kept me for monitoring. They also did some tests to see if they could figure out why I was contracting. They never did find out why but said I really need to pay attention to it now. I figured that I was contracting because of the blood work and glucose test yesterday but because I had so many contractions within 45 minutes this morning and then again a few hours later they wanted me to be checked out. I didn't dilate anymore but they want me to take it easy. And they found out I have an infection so now I get to take antibiotics which will make me extremely nauseous (oh fun!) and make me extremely sensitive to alcohol (ha ha! It didn't occur to the guy that I'm pregnant)

Still though if I begin contracting again they want me to head back up there for more monitoring. Man if this pregnancy is a window to how my little boy is going to be I may be doomed! Lol.

Now I get to schedule my 3 hour glucose test (although I'll probably wait until a week or two to do it). And tomorrow DH gets to go calm all the guys at work because apparently they were all freaking out once they found out preterm labor is a BAD thing! Ha ha first they were excited thinking I was having him early and then he told them no it's bad and they were like OMG ha ha.

I'm glad things checked out good though. And LO is doing good too. Strong heartbeat and moving a lot. So shew my panic is down some!

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Dang!! Glad to hear you're doing alright. Hoping everything calms down too, for at least another 9 weeks! Smile

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Wow! A busy couple of days! Waiting a couple days before doing your 3 hour test makes sense to give your body a chance to recover and relax. Hoping for a few more months of pregnancy for you!


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Glad you're doing okay. Hope the contractions get under control for you. Sorry about having to take the 3 hour glucose testing Sad

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Yeah I'm not really looking forward to the 3 hour. Esp since I'm not allowed to get up and walk around. I guess that means I have to wait until DH gets back from the field before I schedule my 3 hour (darn, I have to wait longer...ha ha). My OB wasn't concerned about me having GD though because the highest they want the testing during the one hour is 140 and I had a 149. I think about the same thing happened with DD1.

So far today I've had a few mild contractions (could just be BH) and been having a lot of chunky discharge. The dr yesterday said that's most likely parts of my mucus plug coming out but not to worry about it. It's just icky!

I'm really hoping they stop because I wanted to go shopping this weekend lol. Esp since the stores are 1+ hours away from my hospital and OB!

Other than that though things are going better today than yesterday. It could've just been stress, who knows. But I am glad that things checked out good!