Raegan Kayleigh and Raine Kyleigh's Birth Story 3.14.2012

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Raegan Kayleigh and Raine Kyleigh's Birth Story 3.14.2012

Raegan and Raine?s Birth Story

I was admitted to the hospital on February 14, 2012 for preterm labor. I had good and bad days while being stuck in the hospital. Some bad days were due to missing my other kids others was because I was contracting and having reactions to the magnesium sulfate. Well on March 13, 2012 I woke up vomiting the nurses gave me Zofran via IV and that did not work so they gave me Phenergan in which it took 6 vomiting sessions later to finally work. By then I was exhausted and just wanted to sleep, however due to the vomiting I had to have blood work done, ultrasounds and I was taken off the magnesium. This led to some intense contractions so I was given Demerol as a pain reliever. I was already drowsy due to the Phenergan and the pain medicine made it worst.

Then the doctor came in and advised that I will need a blood transfusion immediately and that he would check on me the next day. I received the transfusion that evening needless to say I was out of it still. I was final able to get some rest around 10:00 pm until 2:00 am in which I was awaken with intense contractions again. I informed the nurse and the doctor advised her to put me back on magnesium with that helped by around 6:00 am I began to feel nauseated again. My doctor came in around 9:30 am to check my cervix and I could tell by the look on his face it wasn?t good. His exact words were ?we are going to do this today? I had dilated to 5cm and was tearing through my cerclauge.

From the moment he walked out the room nurses were in and out getting blood work prepping me for a C-section. I had to have everyone rush up to the hospital. The funny part was that whoever made it to the hospital first could come back with me since I didn?t have time to wait on a specific person. Since this was my first C-section I was very nervous and the doctor had to give me some medicine for anxiety and because my blood pressure was creeping up. Once I was given the spinal and they realized I was numb (I couldn?t even feel pressure) they began cutting and at 10:55 am Raegan Kayleigh was born weighing 3lbs 15ozs and at 10:56 am Raine Kyleigh was born weighing in at 4lbs 10ozs. They were both taken to the NICU in which Raegan was placed in an isolate and Raine was given a ventilator.

They had some ups and downs majority of the days in the NICU was good. I was able to do Kangaroo care and about two weeks later was able to start bottle feeding then breastfeeding.

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I'm glad your little girls are doing so well. That would've been scary I think. So who ended up being in the room with you?

Glad they're getting to BF now and again your little girls are so beautiful!!!

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Thank you and my hubby made it right on time. If he would have been a minute later he would have missed it.

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Thanks for sharing your birth story! Glad your girls are doing well now! Everything seemed to happen so quickly for you, but I'm glad your hubby was able to be there with you.

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So glad he made it on time, and your little ones sound like they skipped any major complications! Smile